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How to choose the back-splash and tile that are right for your home

Posted by Mike Belk on May 03, 2019

How to choose the back-splash and tile that are right for your home

"How do I choose between Glass Mosaic, Ceramic, Stone or Subway Tiles for my home?"

"What's the differences between Ceramic and Natural Stone tiles?"

"Which tiles should I use for my kitchen backsplash, bathroom, flooring, interior or exterior?"

It certainly can be confusing, but we're going to clear it up for you right here.

Traditionally, glass mosaics are an ornate and decorative design similar to a work of art. They are often made up of smaller materials like pieces of stone or glass. These are almost always arranged in a way that creates a distinct pattern or image.

There are very unique qualities that are important for you to know in order to make the most informed decisions.. So let's get right to it.


Mosaics have been in use since the 3rd century BCE. Stone pebble mosaics were first made in Mespotamia and Mycenean, Greece. Mosaics depicting important patterns and pictures were in widespread use in both Greek and Roman times.

Ancient cultures valued mosaics not only for their usefulness but for their beauty as well. Many of the same methods and techniques used thousands of years ago are still in use today.


The Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

The ceramic tile backsplash is not only functional, but a beautiful part of the kitchen.

The kitchen backsplash not only protects walls from spills and splatters, but a wide selection of eye-catching materials like glass, metals and stone make the backsplash a focal point of today's kitchens.

I think you'll agree, there are few rooms in the house that see more traffic than the kitchen. Preparing meals, cooking, serving your families favorite dishes and spending time with family and friends, the kitchen plays an important role in almost every activity.

Unfortunately, there are times when they can end up being very messy. It's clear why having a ceramic tile backsplash in kitchens has become so popular. The kitchen backsplash needs to handle all the sprays, spills, and droppings that so often happen.

The ceramic tile backsplash takes the work out of the clean-up and makes entertaining so much more enjoyable.


1. Easy Maintenance - Ceramic Tile is the perfect protector.. the toughest spills and splashes like kitchen grease, oils and even tomato sauce are a simple clean-up with a paper towel and some warm water.. Job's Done!

2. Environmental Protection - Using only natural materials that are easy to recycle and reuse, it has a virtually no impact on the environment leaving no carbon footprint.

3. Style And Design Options – Ceramic tile comes in so many different styles, shapes, and sizes, giving you unlimited choices to be creative..

4. Instantly Increase Your kitchen's Value – Ceramic Tile provides an Instant upgrade with a much cleaner and modern look. Updating your kitchen protects the value of your home and pays for itself many times over.


Trends Do Change

In choosing tile color schemes, you should remember that while a particular color may be trending at the moment, in a few years from now it may not be.

You'll find that it's always best to stay with colors that you are truly in love with or neutral colors that complement a variety of colors and pattern in your home.

It's Important To Be Practical

Ceramic tile is much more durable and serves busy, high-traffic areas with ease. It's textured surfaces are made to stand up to wear and tear.

Size Is Important

Ceramic tile can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of the bathroom. If you have a guest bath that is smaller than your main bath, you might consider an off-white or some other light colors.. Using larger tiles will make the entire space look and feel bigger.


You've Got Options

While ceramic tile comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices, It's best to stay focused on what makes the most sense for your personal style, functionality and your budget. If you stay within those guidelines you should do just fine.

It's About Lifestyle

What's going on in your life? Are you newlyweds remodeling your first home together? Do you have children running around the house that you have to keep up with?

As you know, every household is different. Choosing your kitchen tile to match and suit your lifestyle will go a long way toward making your life easier.

Be Creative

Tile backsplashes don't see anywhere near the same wear and tear as tile floors. This is an area where you can express yourself freely. Choose something that's a little more fun and not quite as practical.

If you're thinking about adding a decorative flair to your kitchen, this is the way to do it without having to worry about everyday maintenance.. It will be sturdy and it will hold up fine. It's just as important that you enjoy it as well.

If you'd like to find out more about Ceramic Tile or speak with a representative Call us at: 614-543-8334


When redesigning an individual space in your home, such as an office, porcelain tile gives you unlimited number of choices. These can be combined to create a really unique and inspiring atmosphere.

Whether using them for larger areas or to create stunning accents, few choices are as visually attractive as porcelain designs.

It's for this reason the so many interior decorators favor Porcelain tile.

Porcelain tile is not only highly versatile it is also extremely durable. These characteristics make Porcelain tile one of the most practical and sought after for countertops and backsplashes.


It's Durable – In comparison to most other popular materials used today in flooring and walls, porcelain has a significantly longer life span than any other tiles or surface materials.

Resistent To Fire – Porcelain tile is completely fireproof. It won’t burn, produce smoke or toxic fumes of any kind under any conditions.

Resistant To Moisture – Porcelain tile is outstanding for bathrooms or other areas that are in constant contact with water or steam. Porcelain tile boasts less than a 0.5% moisture absorption rate.

Wearability, Resistant To Abrasions – The sheer strength of Porcelain tile makes it the perfect choice for floors that get extra foot traffic and daily wear.

Non - Slip Surface – Porcelain surfaces are often constructed with a glazed abrasive grit. This prevents slips and potential falls when the surface becomes wet. It provides excellent traction in all wheather conditions.

Resists Frost – Porcelain tiles are the perfect outdoor solution for home exterior use. They can easily withstand the harshest climates.

Resistant To Thermal Shock – Porcelain tile flooring will not buckle, crack or break during the most extreme temperatures.

Resistant To Staining – Porcelain tile flooring will not stain, fade or change color even when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Usually just a damp mop is all that is needed to keep it spotless.

Sanitary Surface – Porcelain is super hygienic and conforms to the highest sanitary standards.

If you'd like to learn more about porcelain tile,

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If you're on somewhat of a budget but still want a clean fresh look that will stand the test of time.. I recommend The Subway Tile.

The original Subway Tile was named for its white, glossy glazed finish using very thin grout lines. The ultra clean look was chosen as the wall surface standard in the New York City subway train stations in the early 20th century.

There are many very ornate designs that can be combined, such as verticles, herringbone and stacking. Subway tiles can also be used to ofset types of mosaic accents and any number of grout shades.


Simple in it's basic design, but chic, there's a reason the Subway Tile is a classic. There are just so many ways you can utilize subway tiles.. it's suitable for a wide range of aesthetics.

It's mostly neutral in color.. it's affordable and it's timeless. What's not to love?

Although today's trend seems to favor the use of cement, mosaic or colored tiles, there are many situations that you might want to consider using a subway tile.

Whether it's to tone down a room somewhat or to balance out busier tiles, you might simply enjoy having that classic subway look for a real change in decor.

You may also want to use discount subway tile for its affordability. That doesn't mean it has to be boring.

If you're interested in seeing the amazing options for Subway Tiles

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We'll be happy go over the many exciting options that are available.


There are always a lot of very difficult decisions when updating your home.

There are important factors like cost, maintenance and resale value. All these issues need to be weighed when shopping for a new design. The same is true when it comes to flooring, backsplashes and bathroom interiors.

Two of those choices that are the most difficult to compare are the advantages (and disadvantages) of using mosaic or natural stone such as travertine, marble, soapstone, granite or quartz.

Both are appealing and both add value but does one have an advantage over the other? Let's find out.

Advantages of Glass Mosaics

1. Glass Mosaics - Offering a high-end look and appeal, it has a much more polished look than that of natural stone. You can combine colors, shapes and sizes to make a very personal artistic statement.

2. They’re Trending - They're a sharp and fresh looking alternative to stone and ceramic. They're also a good choice if you're plan might be to list your house for sale in the not too distant future.

3. Easy Maintenance - Smooth surface of glass mosaics means... simple to clean.. You don’t need to be as careful with cleaning products as you do with natural stone.

Disadvantages of Glass Mosaics

1. Cost Is A Factor - When purchasing a glass mosaic, a trip to the bank is definitely in your future. They generally cost more than natural stone backsplashes or countertops.

A good quality glass mosaic rarely costs less than $10 psf (per square foot). It's not unusual to run between $20 and $30 psf while the higher-end options could top out at $50 psf. Even if you have a kitchen with less square footage, it would not be inexpensive.

2. Styles Change - Resale value may come into question with glass mosaics. Colors and patterns that are in style now might not be in five or 10 years. You should always take into account your long term plans when choosing.

3. There Not All Unique - I wouldn't call all glass mosaics "cookie-cutter" style, but many styles are mass produced... unlike natural stone which is a completely unique, one of a kind product.

Advantages Of Natural Stone

1. The Natural Look - Any style that coincides with a natural look has staying power and is less likely to ever appear dated. As a plus, if your considering a future sale there is less of a likelyhood you would need to remodel before the sale. Natural stone tends to hold it's value well.

2. Everyone Is Different - With natural stone you won't ever really find two that look exactly the same. Even with two stones of the same color, the grains and textures will all be unique to that piece.

3. Cost Is A factor - We're talking "budget-friendly." For such an original look, natural stone is very affordable.

Disadvantages of Natural Stone

1. Cleanliness - Not to say natural stone is necessarily difficult to clean, it just takes a little more effort than a glass mosaic does. There are pits and grooves that make it more of a challenge to keep clean.

You need to be careful with the cleaning products you choose. Certain chemicals can discolor natural stone..

2. Natural Stones Are Naturally Porous - Stone tends to be absorbent to stains and water. In a kitchen setting, this can be a problem. Some stains will be hard to remove. Often times homeowners don’t have the time or patience for the extra maintenance.

3. Variation - Variation usually isn’t a problem, in fact it was one of the advantages we mentioned earlier... and most homeowners choose natural stone for a diversified look.


I hope that we've been able to answer your questions to help you to make an informed decision.

You can be confident that we have the highest quality materials from the most dependable industry leaders in design and manufacturing. You can trust that w'll always do our very best for you.

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