Glass Metal Stone Blend

A modern interior would take up numerous forms and make use of different elements such as glass and metal and stone blends. Of course you do not have to limit yourself to these materials only but it is a good place to start. Adding stone into the combination helps to make this blend less “stiff” and “indifferent” since it gives a more earthly touch to the overall aesthetic. The best thing about making use of a modern theme is that you are allowed to work with different elements and material and your design can look and feel as free as you want it to.


On both ends of the spectrum

With a modern style and design, you can go to both ends of the spectrum. You can go all out with your design and have prints and patterns that mesh well with the abovementioned elements. You can go with abstract patterns or even try very interesting textures and surfaces for your materials. On the other hand, you can also try a very minimalist look so that everything looks clean and simple and the focus lays only on your three main (basic) elements: glass and metal and stone blends.


A vast array of accents

Another advantage of making use of very basic – yet chic – elements in your decoration plans is that you are able to add in numerous types of accents that would make your space uniquely yours. An addition of a very classy sofa and an attractive wooden coffee table would compliment your basic element blends well without disrupting the overall look and feel of the area. You can basically create a completely different space by adding the correct accents.


Other accents that you can consider in your space are window treatments and carpets. These simple accents can add more warmth and hearth to any room without going overboard or even blowing your budget out of proportion.


Going with a clean feel

If you do not like a lot of furniture or clutter, blending the abovementioned elements in the right way meaning picking the right patterns and textures would do you well. By creating a space with depth through the use of texture, your space will not feel or look boring. Blending glass, metal and stone by using plain surfaces would be much of a bore so it is best to play it around by using different finishes to give it a more characteristic look especially when you are going for a minimalist type of area wherein you do not plan to place a lot of accents.


Remember that using glass and metal and stone blends can make your space even more sophisticated and fun but picking the right combinations will help avoid going into the boring zone.