Glass Stone Blends

Whether you are decorating indoors or outdoors, you can never go wrong with glass and stone blends. It may seem a little off at first since these are two completely different elements but once you discover the right type of glass and stone to use for your personal space, you will create a completely new and unique area. The transformation from an ordinary space to something completely high end would actually be astounding as long as you are in tune with your inner creative self.

 Glass and Stone Blend Mosaic Tile

Now this may seem like a humongous challenge for you especially if this would be the first – and only – time you would be attempting to do this. Well, you need not worry about a thing. Thank a little something called the internet. Nowadays, you can simply go online and look up different combinations that would act as your guide in determining how your space would look at the end of the project.


Visualizing how your space will look in the end provides a lot of information that can help you get started in terms of the color choices and the patterns that you will be picking from. Keep in mind that when you are working with glass and stone blends you are running the risk that your design may look dull and boring. One way of avoiding this is to work with glass and stone that has some depth and texture. Looking for a matte or something with a “scratched” finish would be a little more interesting instead of going with a classic polished look.


As for stone, you do not have to limit yourself with working with traditional polished stone such as granite. Although this gives a very chic and sophisticated look, it can also be too much “blah”. You can try rough textures and contrast this with the shiny or polished look of glass and voila! You have something that’s interesting yet one of a kind.


Aside from picking the right textures to work with, never underestimate the power of a well placed element. Make sure that you coordinate with your decorator (if you happen to have one) where each element should be placed. Glass works well when you want to expand your space and make it feel like its bigger than it seems so using it on windows would make your place look a lot more spacious. This is in contrast to making use of only stone materials that might make your space feel cold and dingy.


Making sure that a balance exists between these two elements is very important. It is not easy to get this combination right but once you get the right glass and stone blends, you will feel like you hit the jackpot!