When style and substance compete, one wins. However, when they work together, the result is a stunning look and combination. BELK Tile, is just that. Providing people with the style and substance in solutions in homes, offices, and all rental properties.

Too often customers, vendors, suppliers are limited by the options, pricing and quality of "Big Box" retailers. This supply comes even less when dealing in the world of backsplash tiles, natural stone, metal tiles, and discount glass subway tile for the ultimate in backsplash creation. It is about option, materials, category, and price. It is our belief that you are only limited by imagination, not by store selection.

Our gallery is the most updated and unique shopping experience online for tile. You will find perfection in product, pricing, and availability. Customers enjoy their success in our products:


Ceramic Tiles: Top shelf tiles that will bring to life any interior space!

Glass Tiles: These are the finest of the kind. With the largest variety of patterns, colors, and schemes you will find everything you ever wanted in terms of product for your creations.

Stone Tiles: Add dignity and make the area a show piece. Stone tiles bring a look and feel to a space that no other surface can provide.

Metal Tiles: Stainless steel and copper mosaics, elegance and style.


BELK Tiles is built on a simple concept. You should never have to sacrifice one area to receive something else. Price, quality, selection, and service. You are one click away from starting and completing your project. Get started and get creating, Belk Tiles will be your partner ever step along the way.