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26 Apr

The bathroom is one of the most intimate, personal rooms in a house. It should be a fun and relaxing personal space that also shows character. For this reason, your taste and style should show th

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12 Apr

When you are going to design and decorate your own bathroom, it’s very important you choose which materials you’ll use for your floors and walls. Your first purpose must be that the material

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01 Feb

Subway tiles are widely popular, and it's not surprising why. They are timeless, practical, beautiful, and go well with a vast range of interiors – in fact, they don't look bad in any interior spac

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04 Jan

Aside from improving the aesthetics of your floors and walls, tiles are practical. When you are building a home or office, or simply making renovations to your property, the success of your p

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16 Nov

Cement tile is probably the star of all tiles. It is trendy, and we can use it both on the walls and floor for unique design patterns. In this article, we will share a comprehensive guide to cem

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05 Oct

The arrangement of the tiles in our living spaces has a decisive influence on the feeling of space. Different laying patterns can set unique accents and make a bathroom appear smaller, larger, w

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09 Sep

When building a new house or renovating, you might wonder what material to use for flooring? There are a lot of options, and one of the most popular will be ceramic or porcelain tiles. These

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11 Jul

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Bathroom Tiles After Covid-19? You’ve been home quarantined for more than eight weeks and you have literally memorized every nook and cranny of your house. With Covid-1

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