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Designing with Herringbone Tiles

Posted by Mike Belk on Jan 06, 2020

Almost everyone, at some point, has wished to have his own space. Aside from getting your privacy, having your own space also means getting the freedom to decorate your room however you want it to loo … read more
The Beauty and Practicality Using Of Cheap Glass Tiles

Posted by Mike Belk on Dec 17, 2019

You can use backsplash tiles to give your bathroom or kitchen a spanking new look without making disrupting major changes or spending too much. By using tiles to dress up just one part of the wall o … read more
Modern Glass Tiles for Today's Backsplashes

Posted by Mike Belk on Dec 09, 2019

Looking for a modern glass tile kitchen backsplash, check out this information:Tiles have been around for centuries. The ancient Egyptians are said to be the first people recorded to use tiles as de … read more
A Homeowner’s Guide to Crackle Glass Tiles

Posted by Mike Belk on Dec 02, 2019

A Homeowner’s Guide to Buying, Installing and Maintaining Crackle Glass Tiles Crackle glass tiles challenge the belief that only smooth, and blemish-free surfaces look good. Moreover, the … read more
8 Surefire Tips to Get Discount Glass Tile

Posted by Mike Belk on Oct 09, 2019

8 Surefire Tips to Get Discount Glass Tile Thanks to discount glass tile, you can afford stylish backsplash and flooring material. Aside from its beauty, this tile’s reflective surface can make a … read more
7 Unique Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas to Try Out

Posted by Mike Belk on Sep 05, 2019

Unique kitchen backsplash tiles to enhance look: There’s more to the kitchen than just appliances, cutlery, and countertops. With a unique kitchen backsplash tile, you can bring all the elements t … read more
Make Your Space More Beautiful With Antique Backsplash Tiles

Posted by Mike Belk on Aug 27, 2019

Make your Space more BEAUTIFUL with antique crackle backsplash tiles!Antique tiles immediately add laid-back elegance and a luxurious look to any space. Antique is a classic look that has endured thr … read more
Unique Line of Glass & Stone Tiles Amazes Guests

Posted by Mike Belk on Aug 21, 2019

Amaze your guests with a unique line of glass and stone tiles!Have you ever had the chance to see a blend of glass and stone on tiles? Well, this article will give you the best highlights of this bl … read more