Glass Metal Blends

If modern is your type of thing, then decorating your home using glass and metal blends would probably be no issue at all. Traditional decorators may seem to think that using glass and metal together in the same design concept may be “too corporate” or “too industrial” but it is far from it. Even with the use of this combination, any space may still feel warm and homey.  Of course, this poses some level of difficulty on your part when it comes to choosing the right type of materials, but no one said it was impossible.


Figuring out where metal ends and where glass begins

As mentioned earlier, the major problem with using glass and metal blends is the fact that the use of these materials together could make a space seem cold and uninviting. The upside is that when it is done correctly, it boasts a chic, modern, sophisticated yet inviting space regardless if it is for your home or work space.


There are several ways to go about this minor dilemma. The important thing to keep in mind is to determine where one ends and the other begins. This means that you have to strategically place the glass elements and the metal elements in areas where in they are most appropriate and are aesthetically pleasing. This is probably the step in the decorating process that would take up a lot of your effort and requires you to play around until you get the right combination.


Also, aside from figuring out which element works well in which space, you need to pre-determine the type of material or the quality of the material that you will use. Metal and glass are broad terms. You can go for shades of chrome or dark metallic that provides a serious and darker tone to your space whereas a more rustic and earthly hue would give your space a romantic and relaxing ambiance. This is something that you have to figure out on your own.


Mix and match and then blend 

It can be risky to try and mix and match different design elements such as glass and metal. If you feel that you do not have enough creative juices to get it right, you can always look up design ideas on the internet. Browsing photos on glass and metal designs could just be the thing to help you get started on designing your own space. Do not be discouraged if you feel like your first few tries seem to be a flop. Keep in mind that every effort you make is something to build on and eventually, you will be able to get the right design.


Using glass and metal blends when designing your own personal space may be a challenge but it is one that is definitely worth taking to get that level of sophistication you have been wanting to achieve.