Color plays a very important role in the world we live. Color can influence thinking, cause reactions, and change reactions. It can upset or soothe the eyes, raise blood pressure or suppress your appetite. As a powerful method of communication, color is irreplaceable.

Of all the known colours today, black is authoritative and powerful; simply because black can stimulate strong emotions, and also too much can be overwhelming. Black signifies a lack of colour, the primordial void and emptiness. It is a classic color for clothing collection and home decoration, definitely because it makes the wearer seem thinner or the interior design of a house more sophisticated.

Black is without doubt an extraordinary colour that is associated with several moods and situations. Black is a unique colour which represents power and authority, formality, elegance, and above all clandestineness. It may be serious and conventional at the same time. It is one color which can be sexy, and sophisticated.
The colour black indicates strength and influence; it is regarded as being a very elegant, formal, and prestigious colour. Black is strong and bold and has a dramatic appearance. It is dominating and also pervasive.

It symbolizes self-control, confidence and resilience.

Black colour is disguised with numerous meanings. The keywords for comprehending the relevance of the colour are: Authority, Confidence, Bold and Classy, Elegance, Dramatic, Formal, Sophistication, Power, Protection, Strength, Mysterious, Serious, Style, Classic, Polished, Secrecy and Sexy.
According to Hermann Von Helmhoz, "Black is real sensation, even if it's produced by entire absence of light"


One crucial thing to remember when decorating with black color is that, it is similar to decorating in white. If you are decorating in a neutral shade, you will have to give some visual variety by integrating different hues and particularly different textures. Wood and metals, such as copper, match really nicely in a modern scheme with black color, and you can also use some brighter whiter tones, unless you prefer to go for a moody feel.