What are the features of our Beige glass tiles?

With thousands of custom tiles, each our of tiles has various features from the tiny glass mosaic tiles (perfect for art projects) to the functional standard tiles which can be used to fully decorate your bathroom, kitchen or any other room you fancy.

In this page we shall look at one of our most popular tile ranges,   our beige tiles!

We currently stock over ten different styles of beige tile. From the stylish and contemporary Bella glass tiles (with a hint of cinnamon) to the beautiful and functional Cityscape Sienna blend ceramic tile we can help you choose the perfect glass mosaic tile to fulfil all your requirements.


Key Features Of Our Beige Tiles.

Are tiles come in a range of sizes so you can decorate small spaces, within a room   or whole subways. Most of our glass mosaic tiles start from the nominal size of 5/8 th of an inch by 2 inches. With the average thickness at only 8mm these stylish and modern beige glass tiles are ideal to decorate your kitchen or bathroom.

Depending on the style of tile you choose, will determine what material your tile will be made from, Glass or ceramic, both durable and available in a selection of raised and smooth finishes.

Let us take a second to provide a brief description of each of the glass mosaic tiles in are range.

Bella Glass Mosaic Tile Range

Cinnamon Blend. This tile is the small tile size (see above ), a mixture of smooth, undulated and frosted glass comprise this tile design.

Onyx Blend: like the above tile, but instead of cinnamon infusions for colour we have blended Onyx.

Sun Shine Metallic blend. This beige tile is slightly more colourful that the above choices. Durable and water resistant perfect for rest rooms and kitchens.

Bella Glass Jewel Series

These mosaic tiles have slightly different dimensions, than the previous selection. They measure 3/8 th inch by 1 5/8 inch but are still 8m thick. There are 2 main tiles in this stunning range.

Sandstone Frothe : This lovely patterned tile will make a perfect feature wall or decorative piece.

Amber Stripes: Slightly darker than many of the other tiles, the amber stripes look amazing and reflect light. Making those mosaic tiles ideal for the home or business. Here at Belk Tile we have for other high quality and durable beige tiles for you to choose from.

They include Cityscape Sienna, The Granola range , the Metropolis glass mosaic tiles and finally the Glass house blend.

For more information regarding beige tiles or our full glass mosaic tiles please contact us today.