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Looking for kitchen backsplash stores near you? Your search ends at the most reliable mosaic shop. We have a wide range of ceramic field, mosaic floor tiles for bathroom and kitchen.

We always try to keep our entire gallery updated and constantly add new products and design ideas as they arrive to us. You can check our website constantly for news, updates and special offers. Make sure to check out our blog as well. We always thrive to keep our customers 100% satisfied.

(:1f539:) Are you only an online kitchen backsplash tile store?

No, we also have a showroom in Central Ohio. At the moment it is open by appointment only. We will get back to normal operating hours here in the future. We have a large selection of floor tiles in our showroom as well.

(:1f539:)Do you offer samples for your tiles?

Most of our series there are samples available. If there is not a sample, the main reason would be that a sheet would need to be ordered. The reason would be there is too much movement in the mosaic to just send out a sample of the mosaic.

(:1f539:)Can you help with figuring the square footage of my tile job?

Of course! We do have a calcualtor on the website for you to use under each product. However, if you would rather speak with us and have us figureit for you, we can help with that. We can also help determine how much extra you should order for cuts and waste.

(:1f539:)Is shopping online for kitchen backsplash tiles a good thing?

We look at it this way, it is always more convienent to shop from home. With most items offering samples, it is always better to see the product in your home, with your lighting and all the colors that encompass the design. Showrooms are a necessity too, sometimes it is easier to go to a physical location and see everything.