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Tiles for Kitchen Backsplashes and Bathrooms | BELK Tile Online Store

Add Style To Your Tile!

Both textured and smooth glass tiles can be used for the backsplash of your kitchen or bath. If you are looking for a way to add a bit of interest to your kitchen or bathroom without spending a lot of money.

Why Choose BELK Tiles:

Other than Adding Style to your Tile, are you looking for a kitchen backsplash tile store near you? Your search ends at the most reliable mosaic tile shop. We have a wide range of choices for bathroom and kitchen.

Scratch Resistant

Feature the highest levels of scratch resistance, durability and colorfastness. These tiles are made from premium materials

Easy Cleaning

Durable, non-slippery tiles will help keep your flooring looking great, while making cleaning easy and effortless


Create a space that works with your needs and the way you live. Our tiles were designed to fit both

Zero Allergens

Modern, hardwearing flooring that is also suitable for all purpose use in the bathroom, kitchen and living room

Fit For Purpose

Each tile is made with high quality materials and accessories to fit your needs in mind

Stain Resistant

Made from the highest quality materials and offer a long-lasting solution for all kinds

Vast Designs

We have the vast designs of different collections of tiles available all on our online store


Create an inviting, comfortable space. Built with natural and hygienic materials, these ceramic tiles.

We offer the Best Deals

Warm up a tired kitchen and create a solid base for your decorating style, You will find a curated selection of kitchen backsplash tiles


Kitchen Backsplash

Designed in various shapes, sizes and styles, these tiles can add a variety of colorful details

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Encaustic Look

Stunning array of designs, patterns and colors to add some gorgeous accents to your space

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Bathroom Tiles

Designed to fit perfectly in any home and give a sleek and modern look

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Natural Stone Tiles

Laid with a texture that is beveled and tumbled smooth, creating a uniquely textured surface

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Ceramic Tiles

Glazed finish of our ceramic tile gives it the feel and texture of real stone

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Backsplash Glass Tiles

Unique collection of glass mosaic tiles with a touch of artistic imagination

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Outstanding Customer Care

Fantastic customer service! Dealing with the crew from BELK Tile was helpful from start to finish. Great Selection!!

– Janice Gunther, CA Janice & Craig

Choose The Right Tile Store. Choose BELK Tiles.

Most comprehensive selection of kitchen and bathroom backsplash tile and stone combinations for your home. We offer samples in large quantities to ensure that you get exactly what you want, when you order from us to complete your project or redesigns

Right One For Your Style

Not only does it add a touch of style and elegance to your kitchen, bathroom or other areas in your home, choosing the right design can help you start using it right away

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Look Stunning

Each design includes vitreous glass with a beveled edge and speckles that resemble undulat in shape


Affordable Price

Our store offers a wide range of designs, at an affordable price, We have a solution that will work with you


Great Choice

Our large variety of backsplash designs will help you find just the right one for your style


Over 25 Years of Experience

Find fine quality and affordable kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom tile, mobile home tiles and more at the best price in the industry. Our products are designed by artists with over 25 years of experience making ceramic tiles.

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Varied & Bold.


Match Your Style

We are one of the best backsplash stores that you can count on. Our specialty is making sure that you look elegant and beautiful in front of all your friends and family members who come over to watch your kitchen remodeling.


Compliment Your Style

Collection is comprised of a variety of patterns and styles designed to add an artistic flair to your modern bathroom, kitchen or bedroom


Looking for a kitchen backsplash store near you? Your search ends at the most reliable mosaic tile store. We have a wide range for bathroom and kitchen.



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Guides have easy step by step instructions and a troubleshooting section in case you run into trouble

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We showcase some of the many ways you can use tiles to add style and character.

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