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Metal Tile

Using tiles on walls or any kinds of applications is not just a fad. It is more on giving a timeless elegance to particular areas of the home. The kitchen is one of the most common areas where tiles are used. And as an important room in the home, where the family spends a considerable time with each other every single day, it is only right that the kitchen area should be well-taken care of. Homeowners must ensure that the kitchen is good looking and presentable at all times. It makes sense that this room must be made in such a way that it looks inviting and warm for everyone.


Applying tiles on this room is a remarkable solution to accentuate kitchen walls and floors. With the right combination of style, pattern design, and color, your kitchen will surely look at its best. Another significant room inside the home is the bathroom where tiles are very important. One of the heaviest rooms, the bathroom needs to be kept clean, cool and refreshing. With durable and resistant-to-stain tiles, the bathroom can keep its refreshing and clean look.


Our tiles here in Belk Tile are sourced from branded tile manufacturers not only in the country but all over the world. From our stainless steel tiles, gun metal tiles, our antique copper tiles up to our complete line of cast metal tiles which offer the look and feel of real metal but at an affordable cost, you can expect that our tiles will keep your home timeless in beauty and trend.


Get informed of which tile to choose through reading the specifications of our tiles below.


  • Stainless steel tiles. Stainless steel tiles are resistive to staining and corrosion. They require low maintenance; they are inexpensive and can retain their brilliant shine. These unique properties of this particular type of tile make it an ideal material for varieties of applications, both in residential and commercial properties. If you are doing a major renovation inside or outside your home, let our stainless steel tiles impress you.


  • Antique copper tiles. Traditionally, copper is used to make water heaters, range hoods, ladles, pans, and knives. Today, more than ever, copper is used the main resource for making antique copper tiles. Our copper tiles are built to last. They are among the most defensive and utilitarian tile you could ever find in the market. More than its elegance, it can survive water and fights off bacteria.     


  • Cast metal tiles. Similar to the real ones, our cast metal tiles offer timeless class and elegance. They can complement the traditional tile as well. They are easy to clean and maintain. With a simple effort, a homeowner with cast metal tiles can retain a stain-free area for its whole existence. The only difference that our cast metal tile has compared to the real ones is that it is substantially affordable. With this tile, you are able to lower the cost of your home renovation, while maximizing the benefits of the tile for a lifetime.