Shipping Policy:

Most of the items will have an estimated shipping time on each product page.  We do not physically stock everything on our site (that would be a lot of items!)  For example: Usually ships in 5 business days plus transit times.  This means that it will leave the factory or our warehouse in that time frame then the shipping times.  If you are in need of something quicker, please let us know before ordering so we can make sure we can accommodate your order.   Please note: That single sheet orders and minimum orders can take longer due to shipping at the best rate possible.   Plus, faster shipping results in HIGHER shipping prices.  It is weight based and tile is VERY heavy.  Please note, that if you order a single sheet of something that it can delay the shipping times by a couple of days as well.  Once you receive the package, you need to inspect and email us on any damage, wrong item or missing items within 3 days of receiving the order!



Update August 1, 2023


** Free Shipping does not apply to actual floor tiles. Anything over an 8 x 8 we will need to get a shipping quote for delivery.  Effective August 1, 2023, Free shipping does not apply to Mir Mosaics, Batik, Soho Studio and Anatolia tiles.  These 4 manufacturers will have a per sheet or per box fee.


Damaged Items Policy:

Although we try and pack all of our tiles VERY carefully, sometimes accidents do happen.  We want to take care of these issues right away.  The beauty with a lot of our items being mesh mounted is that an individual tile can be peeled off and easily replaced during installation.  So for example, lets say you had 4 pieces broken on 3 different sheets.  We would not send out 3 new sheets, we would send you out 1 sheet so you can peel off and replace the damaged tiles.  Normally when you order tile you should add in a 10%-12% waste factor for cuts and damage, but we understand the need to have extra as well.

All we ask is that you take a couple of pictures of the damaged tiles, email them over to us so we can process and get you our the replacement tile.  If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact us before placing your order.


Policy last updated August 1, 2023: