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08 Jul
Without a doubt, mesmerizing patterns and vibrant colours have become the current trends of today’s decorative tiles. That is why you will find homeowners everywhere snapping up the tiles creativel … read more
01 Mar
MOSAIC GLASS BACKSPLASH TILE – ADDING A MODERN FEEL TO YOUR ROOM Quite often when people are deciding which style of tiles to use for their kitchen backsplash upgrade they consider going agains … read more
01 Sep
When it comes to changing or updating the look of your kitchen sink and counter, along with the area surrounding it, one good idea that you could try is to install a mosaic tile backsplash.HAVING A BA … read more
12 Aug
When using mosaic glass backsplash at the back of your kitchen countertop, this shall give it a contemporary look and add depth, elegance, reflective elements and fine texture. When you install this t … read more
19 Sep
BELK Tile is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Columbus Award for four consecutive years. This distinction has qualified BELK Tile for the 2015 Columbus Business Hal … read more
04 May
Kitchen backsplash glass tile might look like an unusual choice for your kitchen, but they are popular among individuals who stay in the kitchen most of the time and who want a backsplash that is ea … read more