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6 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Posted by BELK Tile on Jun 07, 2016

6 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

How do you design your kitchen backsplash? What type of materials do you use? Well, we don’t use simple tiles for backsplash anymore. Nowadays, backsplashes are elegant and don’t look overly stylish either. Below are the tips to help you get started with the designing.

1. Follow your personal preference

There are many options to choose from. To make the selection easier, you should consider your personal preference first. What type of look do you want? You can go for a conventional or modern design based on your taste. After all, you don’t want a style that won’t look beautiful to you.

You can check out various designs online to choose one that suits your personal preference.

2. Basics

The backsplash is part of your house, and it shouldn’t look entirely different from other areas of your house. Instead, it should match your overall space. It should create a balanced look and shouldn’t be too light or too bright.

3. Use Glass

For a transitional or modern feeling, glass is an ideal choice. As a matter of fact, glass mosaics mix well with stone, metal and gems. They also add movement and texture. Moreover, the hues and textures of the glass create a complex and detailed movement for kitchen backsplashes. So, you can use glass for this purpose as long as you like it. Most people do like it, though.

4. Make a combination of different backsplash materials:

If you want, you can combine stuff, such as glass tile and stone mosaics. You can mix it up and go for metal mosaics. Actually, this is a tile featuring linear, interlocking pieces of tile. Alternatively, you can try the cement tiles shades for adding dimension.

There is another way to do it: you can try shades of quality cement tiles, which will add a dimension to the whole thing. As an alternative, you can install a backsplash using the same material of different measurements. You will be amazed at what you will end up with. This design idea is very popular and is liked by most designers.

5. Custom designs

For a conventional space, you can make a great look with custom tiles carefully crafted by an expert artisan. The hood area can be decorated with hand cast tiles, which will make a great focal point.

6. Water Jet Patterns

Technology has made everything so easier. As far as water jet designs are concerned, you can choose from various styles for the kitchen backsplash design. Actually, these designs are developed using powerful machines that make use of an extremely high-pressure water jet for cutting glass and stones into a specific design. However, these design cost a good deal of money. The cost can be cut down if small doses are used.

So, if you are going to design your kitchen backsplash on your own, you can consider the design ideas given above. Just make sure you have prepared well before giving it a go. You may not want to lose money on something that is not done well. 

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