Kitchen backsplash design ideas:


You need to search for different tile backsplash designs if you are planning to install a backsplash in your kitchen. A kitchen backsplash serves as a wall protection against food debris, stains, moisture, and dirt. If you do not have a backsplash, dirt and stains will go directly to your walls, which is more difficult to clean.

When it comes to choosing a backsplash, you need to consider the right kind of material. You can choose ceramic, marble, glass, wood, metal, or travertine. Each of these materials has its own advantages so be sure to choose the kind that meets your needs. You can purchase tiles from hardware stores, home depots, and online.

To give you some tips about different design ideas for kitchen backsplash, you can check out the following paragraphs.

Choose decorative materials

Instead of using plain and boring tiles, you should consider using decorative tiles that has unique and interesting designs. For example, metal tiles can be too industrial looking if they do not have designs. You can buy decorative cast metal tiles to make your kitchen backsplash look more fun and interesting. Aside from the tiles, you can also use decorative light switch plates that will cover your light switches in a nice and decorative way. If you choose decorative tiles for your kitchen backsplash, you no longer need to create complicated patterns because it will only make the backsplash look messy and cluttered.


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Create patterns

Using a combination of colored tiles, you can create interesting patterns for your backsplash. You can combine two colors, like black and white which looks perfect in a modern or vintage themed kitchen. You can also create floral patterns, geometric patterns, and other fun patterns using a combination of two or more tile colors. Some people also create text patterns like ‘COOK’ or ‘EAT.LOVE.PRAY’ on their kitchen backsplash using colorful tiles. The pattern that you will choose depends on what you want to see in your kitchen every day.


Create a mosaic

Another tip for designing a kitchen backsplash is to create a mosaic. The most commonly used materials for this project are glass and ceramic. A mosaic glass backsplash is made up of broken glass tiles that you can easily find in junk shops or at surplus home centers. This is also the same idea behind mosaic ceramic backsplashes. A mosaic backsplash is generally cheaper than other designs and patterns because you are using broken glass and ceramics that are considered as waste products.


Consider your kitchen’s theme

If you are choosing a design for your kitchen backsplash, you need to consider your kitchen’s theme so that your backsplash will blend in with the rest of the decors and furniture in the kitchen. For example, if you have an all-white traditional kitchen, you can install a white tile backsplash. This is also perfect for a vintage or modern kitchen with a black and white theme. You can install wooden tiles if your kitchen has rustic appeal or if you are planning to install the backsplash in your cabin-style home.







Starting with a blank canvas can offer you a multitude of design ideas.  Do you go bold and try and out do the neighbors?  Or do you keep it simple, and tasteful?  These are all questions that need to be answered by you, the homeowner.  The possibilities are endless!




Backsplash Focal Points:




Backsplash Focal point A:

 This is a simple pattern using either a 4" x 4" or even a 2" x 2" field tile that is picture framed in a basic chair rail.






Backsplash Focal Point B:


This starts to add some design flair into the focal point.  Again, using a 4" x 4" or a        2" x 2" field tile and then inserting a decorative or even a cast metal insert on a diagonal in the center of the focal point.





Backsplash Focal Point C


Backsplash Focal Point C:


Focal Point C is more complex, starting in the corner with a decorative accent tile, and adding a listello to complete the border.  The inside of the focal point is done with a glass or stone mosaic tile to complete.  This is where it can be real creative to make it stand out!




Backsplash Focal Point D



Backsplash Focal Point D:


This focal point is one of the more complex designs.  This starts with a 4" x 4" field tile that will be picture framed with either a pencil rail or chair rail, then a row of 2" x 2" tiles surrounding that than wrapped again with either a chair rail or pencil rail to complete.  This will give a more dimensional look to the overall focal point.




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