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5 of the Best Type of Tile for Backsplash

Posted by Mike Belk on May 27, 2014

5 of the Best Type of Tile for Backsplash

There are so many types of tiles that you can use for your kitchen backsplash. There are mirror tiles, patterned tiles, specialty-shaped tiles, glass tiles, water-jet tiles, copper tiles, slate tiles, and so much more! We’ve narrowed the list down to the five best type of tile for backsplash.

Herringbone tiles

These tiles complement the current craze for chevron prints and geometric patterns perfectly. Depending on the color and material you choose, herringbone tiles can look vintage or contemporary, minimalist or baroque, and classic or trendy. Herringbone tiles create a stunning pattern that uplifts the look of the kitchen.

Laser-cut tiles

These just might be the best type of tile for backsplash aesthetically. Budget-wise, however, they may be out of reach. Laser-cut tiles have intricate shapes that are cut by laser so that they all fit together like a puzzle. They are usually made from precious materials such as marble, silver-backed or gold-backed glass, and quartz.

Subway tiles

best type of tile for backsplashesThe best type of tile for backsplash is easy to clean, relatively inexpensive, and not so precious as to make the owner paranoid about keeping the backsplash from dirt and damage. Subway tiles are all of the above. They are affordable, low-maintenance, and have an elegant, timeless look that complement practically any kitchen design. Subway tiles come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and textures to suit any design or need.

Diagonal tiles

This is another inexpensive but elegant option. Diagonal tiles are easy to maintain and are highly versatile. They may be a bit more expensive than regular tiles because the installer will need to make more cuts in the tiles to create a diagonal design. You will also need at least 10% more tiles when using square tiles diagonally.

Custom mosaic tiles

Custom mosaic backsplashes can be expensive, but if you can afford them, the final product should be worth it. This works particularly well if you have an original mosaic design in mind. The trick to getting it right is to find a reputable artist who can expertly cut each tile and install the mosaic just the way you want. Look for an artist who specializes in customized mosaic tile designs.

So which is the  best type of tile for backsplash? All of the choices we provided will yield beautiful results, but the one you choose should depend on your own aesthetic sense, kitchen layout, and budget. 

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