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03 Aug
When people think about decorating their kitchen, changing their backsplash tiles is usually not the very first thing that enters their mind. Most of the time when people install backsplashes, they … read more
17 Jun
Separately, glass tiles and stone tiles look beautiful in a wall or a backsplash. Together, they create an interesting pattern of colors, shapes, and textures that can liven up any room. Here are t … read more
15 Jun
Glass and metal tiles create an interesting juxtaposition of translucent and metallic, masculine and feminine, and hard and soft that somehow harmonize perfectly with each other. The metal adds styl … read more
08 Jun
Subway tiles first became popular in the 1900s, when New York’s underground transit stations – the walls of which were plastered with the white ceramic tiles – opened. Today, they are as popular as … read more
02 Jun
Crackle glass, which is also called “ice glass”, is made by submerging molten glass into cold water so that the surface of the glass cracks. It is available in a variety of colors, shapes, and layo … read more
27 May
There are so many types of tiles that you can use for your kitchen backsplash. There are mirror tiles, patterned tiles, specialty-shaped tiles, glass tiles, water-jet tiles, copper tiles, slate til … read more
24 May
With so many types of backsplash tiles in various shapes, colors, sizes, materials, and layouts, there is no shortage of backsplash ideas for your dream kitchen. Here are 10 kitchen backsplash idea … read more
15 May
A practical yet creative way of protecting the kitchen wall is by installing a stained glass backsplash . It is the preferable option for busy homemakers who don’t have a household helper … read more
12 May
A beautiful home is the reflection of a beautiful mind. However, revamping the house is not as easy as it seems. It takes patience, dedication, and a lot of planning. Take the kitchen, for example. … read more
06 May
The addition of a backsplash to the kitchen is a quick and fairly easy way of increasing the aesthetics of the cooking space. It also eliminates the monotonous vibe of the room. Luckily enough, ther … read more