Antique Copper Mosaics

You are probably tempted to use antique copper mosaic tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, bedroom, or other parts of your house. You have probably seen rooms featured in home and lifestyle magazines with counter or walls made of antique copper tile mosaic. This is not surprising because using antique copper or copper toned materials is one of the latest trends in interior design. With its warm tone and elegant look, who would not want to have antique copper tiles installed in their home?

However, before you consider installing copper tiles in your home, you should first learn some useful decorating tips that you can use as your guide like the tips enumerated below.

Consider existing metal finishes

When it comes to installing antique copper mosaic tiles, it is important that you consider the existing metal finishes in the room. Make sure that the antique copper look matches or complement the existing metal finishes. You do not want to install antique copper tiles in a room that has chrome and steel finishes because antique copper will look out of place in an ultra modern room.

On the other hand, copper and black is a great color combination to add a warm feel to a contemporary room that uses a black and white color motif.

Blend antique copper with warm wood

Copper looks warm and cozy especially when blended with wood in dark finish. It will blend in perfectly with dark colored wood. This is ideal for elegant and opulent rooms because they add a warm and inviting feel to the room. The room will not feel stuffy and pretentious because of the warm colors.

Antique copper with dark wood also looks rustic. They are perfect for your vacation home in the woods or cabin. The copper adds a touch of class to an otherwise casual room made of wood.

 Cover walls with antique copper tiles

You can install copper mosaic tiles instead of the usual ceramic or marble tiles on the wall. You can install copper tiles as kitchen or bathroom backsplash or you can install a copper tile mosaic in your dining room that can serve as a wall décor instead of hanging the usual painting or bowl of fruits or other ordinary artwork.

Add bright colors

To give life to your room with copper mosaic tiles, you should add decors in bright colors. You can add pots of indoor plants on one corner of the room or on top of a low cabinet. You can use a brightly colored curtains, throw pillows, or sofas to your room that has a copper installation. This is especially a nice idea if you install antique copper mosaic tiles on a large area.