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Stack Classic Shower Wall Tile Design

The Stack Classic subway tile pattern has been around for decades and is a timeless classic that offers a utilitarian feel. Its simple yet elegant design features stacked rectangles in horizontal lines, creating an elongated effect while adding flow to any space. The stack classic wall tile design works especially well in modern homes, as it helps to create the illusion of more spaciousness without overwhelming the existing decor. With its subtle yet stylish appeal, this classic wall tile design is sure to be a hit with anyone looking to bring a timeless feel into their home. Whether you're looking for a traditional or contemporary look, the Stack Classic subway tile pattern can help you achieve it. This eye-catching design will create an interesting focal point that will draw attention and admiration from guests. With its versatile and practical design, the stack classic subway tile pattern is sure to be a timeless addition to any space.


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Too often customers, vendors, suppliers are limited by the options, pricing and quality of "Big Box" retailers. This supply comes even less when dealing in the world of backsplash tiles, natural stone, metal tiles, and discount glass subway tile for the ultimate in backsplash creation. It is about option, materials, category, and price. It is our belief that you are only limited by imagination, not by store selection.

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