Onix Mosaico

Onix Mosaico 1 x 1 Glass Tile Lungomare

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Onix Mosaico 1 x 1 Glass Tile Lungomare


Onix Mosaico 1 x 1 Glass Tile Lungomare


Onix Mosaico RECYCLED GLASS TILE MOSAIC 1" x 1" Lungomare HP11L/4332

Sheet Size: 12.25" x 18.38"

Finish: Glossy

Square Foot: 1.56 per sheet

You are buying by the sheet for $20.29 you will get 1.56 square feet

Tile Size:  1" x 1"

98% recycled content

Dive into the beauty of our Onix Mosaico 1 x 1 Glass Tile Lungomare, where elegance meets environmental consciousness. Crafted from recycled glass, each tile showcases a delightful mixture of vibrant light green and serene green tones, interspersed with enchanting opal accents. The unique wood look image brings a touch of naturalistic charm, making these tiles an ideal choice for creating stunning swimming pool mosaics. Whether you're aiming to add a splash of color or a gentle, earthy vibe to your pool area, the Lungomare range promises to enhance your space with its enduring beauty and sustainable design.


Size 1.56
Color Green
Shape Square
Material Recycled Glass
Application Backsplash
Application Shower Walls
Application Pools
Application Fireplace

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