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Impression Series IMP-04 Tranquility

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Impression Series IMP-04 Tranquility


Impression Series IMP-04 Tranquility


Bella Glass Tiles Impressions Collection Glass Mosaic Blend Tiles IMP-04 Tranquility

Price is per sheet:

Tile size - nominal 1” x 3”

Tile thickness - 5/16"

Tile per sheet – 48

Sheet size - 11.75" x 11.75"

All tiles are mesh mounted. 

Have you ever yearned for a touch of serenity in your living space? The Impression Series IMP04 Tranquility by Bella Glass Tiles may be your answer. These tiles embody the essence of calm and relaxation, inviting a sense of peace into any room they grace. Imagine the soft hues of dawn or the gentle whispers of a clear, bubbling brook captured effortlessly within each tile. What's more fascinating is the fact that they don't just serve an aesthetic purpose but are a testament to exceptional craftsmanship.

Each piece within the series boasts a meticulous design that reflects the profound beauty of the natural world. The tiles' textured surface plays with the light, providing an ever-changing ambiance that evolves from sunrise to sunset. And with their remarkable durability, Impression Series IMP04 Tranquility is not only an investment in style but in long-lasting quality as well. If creating a tranquil retreat is what you're after, these tiles offer an escape from the hustle and bustle, crafting a peaceful alcove within the confines of your cherished home or workspace. Have you considered elevating your environment with the profound quietude of Bella Glass Tiles



Size .977
Color Blue
Shape Subway
Material Glass
Application Backsplash
Application Shower Walls
Application Fireplace
  • Excellent product

    Posted by Louis Spevack on Feb 29, 2024

    We used these tiles as a backsplash in our all white kitchen and they are gorgeous. Wish I could post a pic. Highly recommended.

  • Best Blue Color

    Posted by Shania on Feb 23, 2021

    Love this tile, the blue color was perfect for my bathroom!

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