Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Have you been thinking of refurbishing your house? If yes, then you have to start with your kitchen; the one place where you go to get breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, supper, dinner and the occasional cups of tea. Do I need to make you count more visits to the kitchen? Needless to say, the place where you cook needs to be soothing for your eyes and the interior of the room must pump you up for the day. If you are not sure how to make that happen or where to start, take a deep breath, step back and let us enlighten you. This year, hexagonal tiles are the go-to choice for all those planning to renovate their kitchens for good and here’s why.

They will give your interior an ageless look that would not need retouching for years to come. Moreover, they are available in all sorts of colours and combinations so your walls are never boring to look at and they can be played around with to make different patterns such as mosaic. Mosaic patterns can make the wall designs look modish for the season. For sure, this small change would make the daily kitchen visits worth your while.

Geometric shapes in the kitchen tend to make it look more organized and would urge you to clean up the space after use to keep that vibe going. These hexagon kitchen tile backsplash options are available in breezy colours such as blues, nudes, browns and even fierce ones such as emerald green. The best way to go about this long list of options available is to take a step-by-step approach. First, work out what is the overall colour scheme that you will choose for your home. It is vital that your kitchen tiles complement the statement your house is making as a whole.

That being said, green is arguably the best shade for your kitchen, given that it nicely pairs with white and wood accents. Mint and apple green are the safer choices but if you are going for a bolder colour, emerald green will work best for you; a striking dose of energy to kick-start you day. To make this a reality for your very own kitchen, you can go with our Mountain Retreat Alpine Emerald Glass Mosaic tiles that are available at an affordable price. However, blue and grey work great too; giving your kitchen a look of an open space that makes you calm when you enter the room. Multiple options matching these colour schemes are available at only a click’s distance on our website.

Okay, so let’s talk size now: the best size for your kitchen is the 2” hexagon tile that would make for the perfect honeycomb structure look, making your walls seem chic. You must not forget one thing, it is your kitchen and you need to choose whatever works best for you and matches your energy. Just channel all the positive vibes in you and let it resonate through your house, especially your kitchen!