Posted by BELK Tile on Jun 06, 2014

Looking to remodel your kitchen, or just wondering what your current appliances and décor say about you? The overall impression that people get about you from your kitchen is an accumulation of your refrigerator, cooking appliances, and flooring. You’d be surprised at how much is said to others about you without you even knowing!

Your refrigerator is undoubtedly the focal point of your kitchen. It is the most used item in the kitchen, and the largest, so people will notice it first. The most common refrigerators are white or stainless steel, but colored, paneled, and black refrigerators are also common. White refrigerators are the icons for the trustworthy homemaker, while their stainless steel replacement boasts a sophisticated owner that enjoys being around others. The quirky owner of a colored refrigerator has contagious passion, the paneled refrigerator advertises trustworthy nature, and the black one is for the most savvy and outspoken of homes!

Your cooking surface is the next most noticed appliance in your kitchen. If you use a griddle or hibachi you are showing that you are assertive and actionable and love to be the center of attention! A flattop stove shows a zealous personality that is cool, calm, and collected until provoked. Classic coils are the icons of a practical and pragmatic person that is stable and rational. Opposite to that is the owner of a gas range – this person is resourceful and sharp and committed to making people happy, but can be dangerous when crossed!

Finally, the  flooring of your kitchen sets the entire tone for the room. Tile flooring belongs to people that are well-organized and hard working producers: they are very dependable. Carpet flooring in a kitchen gives off a warm-hearted impression, that of a caregiver who is quiet and kind. Wood flooring is the symbol of a strong-willed protector who values security and is a great leader. Finally, linoleum is the flooring of thinkers who value logic and understand the world around them.

Which combination of refrigerator/stove/flooring are you? Do you agree with how your kitchen defines you?

What does your kitchen Say about you? - An infographic by the team at Glass Backsplash Tiles

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