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Ways to Choose Pool Tiles from a Wide Array of Online Selections

Posted by Mike Belk on Jul 21, 2016

Ways to Choose Pool Tiles from a Wide Array of Online Selections

Many people underestimate the importance of the task of choosing pool tiles to design your swimming pool. The misconception is that it is as simple as picking out a design and then having the tiles installed. There are, however, more factors to consider than the color, design, and style of the tiles. To make it easier for you, here are some tips to help you in your quest for the perfect tiles for your pool:

  • 1.Prepare your budget – Just like almost everything in this world, pool tiles will cost some money. It is imperative for you to establish your budget before going online to find the tiles you like. The reason behind this simple: you want to be realistic in your choices. Especially if you do not have much spare time on your hands, you do not want to waste your time checking out options that are way over your budget. Stay within the range of your budget and resist the temptation to go overboard with more expensive options.
  • 2.Look for lifetime guaranteed tiles – Another way of avoiding unnecessary expense is by choosing durable pool tiles. It is highly suggested that you choose something that doesn’t break easily and has fade resistant colors. This will make sure that you are not spending more money for frequent tile replacements.
  • 3.Don’t let them slip – Slippery tiles around the pool are a common cause of poolside accidents. It is a no-brainer to choose slip-resistant tiles around the pool. This is very important to take note of especially if you have children that are very playful. Warnings and reminders can only go a long way so it’s better to prevent a looming accident.
  • 4.Be creative – Once you establish a budget, it is time to move to the fun part which is  designing the pool tiles. You can choose to go minimalistic and choose solid colors like white and blue or go imaginative with mosaic designs. Either way, you have the freedom to make your pool one of the best assets of your home.
  • 5.Learn the basics of the trade – Pool tiles will eventually develop scum and build-up that can prove to be very unsightly. This is why it is important that you ask experts about the process of maintaining and cleaning your tiles. This is an investment so you would want it to be maintained and be at its best condition at all times.

You can also ask around about the ins and outs of tile installation. While you can certainly leave the job to professionals, you still need to know what the dos and don’ts are of tile installation. This will help you tell whether your tile installation professional is making a mistake or not.

  • 6.Ask for samples – Finally, before committing to buying sets of a particular pool tile design, you must ask for a sample. This is to make sure that what you saw online will be the same one that you get in real life. This will also give you more insight on how it fits into your actual interior design. You can also check the different features of the tile such as slip resist, color shade, and texture. It is like fitting a pair of pants first before buying it, you just want to make sure that everything will look the way you want them to.

These are just some of the basic tips on choosing pool tiles. Aesthetics is one of the main criteria, but durability and functionality should not be taken for granted. A combination of those three must always be considered at all times. Hopefully, this can help you choose the best pool tiles that would suit your home’s theme and personality.

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By Mike Belk

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