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The Unique Uses of a Glass Tiles

Posted by BELK Tile on Apr 29, 2015

The Unique Uses of a Glass Tiles

A glass tile is made of pieces of glass formed into different shapes. It is popular because of its versatility. This type of tile is stain-resistant, mildew and allergens. You can wipe and clean it easily. It is also used as a floor tile and wall tile to cover surfaces and sliding doors with the help of glass liner bars. Some even use this in roof surfaces to allow light to enter the room. Glass is permeable, making it ideal for internal and external facing of buildings. This is advisable for surfaces that need to resist moisture. Aside from these primary uses, glass tile can also be an instrument of art.

Swimming pools and spa surfaces use this kind of tile. Aside from being the most appropriate tile, it adds beauty and attraction to the swimming pool. Glass tiles come in wide variety of colors, shapes, and finishes. Theyare also used as an accent in the waterline of swimming pools. Some also use them to design pool steps, floors, and walls. These tiles and glass liner bars can also help the swimmers spot the pool steps underwater especially at night.

Bathrooms and kitchens are usually decorated with ceramic tiles. They usually use square or rectangular tiles in these places. They may vary in colors and design. You can be unique and artful by glass liner bars if you want to decorate your walls and cabinets. Glass tiles will let you put different sizes and shapes which you can use to create different designs. Glass liner bars can help you support them.

Glass tiles can also be arranged in different patterns to form a mosaic for a unique or custom design. Aside from the usual risk of breakage, glass tiles are actually durable. They can last for as many years as the surface where it is installed lasts. The same is true with glass liner bars. Even broken glass tiles can be used to design surfaces. Recycled glass tilemosaicis made of all these broken pieces. A single row of these broken pieces can become a border. Recycled glass tile mosaiccan also be used as a centerpiece and tile shower design. You can also use glass liner bars in designing your glass tiles especially for cabinets.

The best thing about glass tiles is that it can be recycled. The broken pieces can be used as decorations and mosaic. There are lots of ways to use glass tiles. The ideas to use them seem to be unlimited.

Creativity is only achieved when a person can make something beautiful out of the limited resources given him. You can create art even from garbage, trash and broken pieces just like this glass tile. People just need to learn how to maximize their resources. 

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