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Posted by Mike Belk on Feb 25, 2019


The travertine mosaic tile is a type of tile with tiny holes as its decoration. These tiles come in different shades and sizes. One of the most common problems with these tiles is the accumulation of dirt inside the holes. To help address this problem, applying grout with a darker shade than the tile and sealing the holes in the travertine mosaic tile can help make the large difference.


These are some of the things that you will definitely need in sealing those tiles. You have to make sure that you have them within arm’s reach before you start with the task. If you do not have some of the materials in the list, you may visit the hardware store and shop for them.

Floor and mop cleanser

Paint brush

Grout squeegee

Penetrating tile sealant

Unsanded grout (to help enhance the design on the tiles, you need to opt for a darker shade)


1. Preparation

Cleaning the tiles is a necessary step. You need to use the floor and mop cleanser for this phase. After thoroughly cleaning the surface, you need to rinse off the soap suds and the rest of the substances that you used to treat the surface. You have to wait for 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.

2. Brushing

Using a paint brush, you have to apply the sealant on the surface. The experts encourage you to apply the sealant on a smooth and thin layer. You need to apply a coating on the flat surface of the tiles and avoid the holes altogether. You will get the chance to do that in the later phases.

3. Drying

The average drying time for the sealant is around six to eight hours. During this period, you are discouraged from touching the surface of the travertine mosaic tile to avoid ruining the film of protection that the sealant can provide for the entire surface. You are discouraged from using artificial heat in decreasing the drying time for the sealant.

4. Spreading

After the sealant has dried up, you may spread the unsanded grout from one end of the floor to another by using your grout squeegee. You need to press the grout inside the spaces and the holes. At the same time, you need to scrape the excess grout off the surface by using the grout squeegee.

5. Setting

Setting time is shorter for the grout. This will only take around ten minutes. Once the grout has set on the surface, you need to wipe away the remaining excess grout from the surface by using a damp sponge. You have to wipe gently so you can prevent the grout from the spaces and the holes to emerge on the surface.

These are some of the phases that you need to accomplish in sealing the travertine mosaic tile inside your house. These may seem a bit complicated as you tried to read along the steps. Eventually, you will discover that the task is relatively easier once you have your hands on the materials themselves.

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