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Metal Tile Inserts

Posted by BELK Tile on Jul 06, 2015

Metal Tile Inserts

Metal tile inserts add a sophisticated touch to any surface to which they are affixed. They are easy to clean, long-lasting, are timelessly elegant, and are available in countless styles and designs. Adding a metal tile insert into your hallway wall, kitchen backsplash, or above your bathroom sink will instantly give these areas a touch of class.

What is a metal tile insert?

A metal tile insert is a decorative tile made out of metal-coated resin. This is used instead of actual metal so that the inserts can be cut and so that they are lightweight enough to mount on top of or within the tile. They are available in a variety of finishes and lacquers, and are in an assortment of designs, including fruits and vegetables, animals, insects, flowers, geometric patterns, vines, borders, rails, plaques, lion’s heads, fleur de lis, stars, and many more.

These tile inserts can be used for and will look great on walls, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, bathrooms, enclosed showers, pool areas, over the stove, on range hoods, and on kitchen islands.  Metal tile inserts can also serve as decorative accents on mirror frames, tabletops, and cabinetry. They are also used on floors, but not in high traffic areas as this will cause excessive wear. For flooring, field tiles or tiles with low relief are recommended. If a metal tile insert will be installed near a heat source, it is advised that they be kept at least two inches away.

What to look for in metal tile inserts

A metal tile insert is usually made of stainless steel, bronze (oil-rubbed, antique patina, and high polish), copper, nickel silver, pewter that has an oxidized finish and a matte lacquer, pewter that was tumbled to a high shine and given a gloss lacquer to give it the look of silver, and plated aged brass with a matte lacquer. The color of the tile insert will soften or darken with age. You may reseal or re-lacquer to maintain the tile’s finish. When choosing a metal tile insert, look for one that is handcrafted and made of a metal-coated urethane substrate that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It should not flake, chip, or peel.

Caring for metal tile inserts

Clean them with soap and water. Acids from foods and harsh cleaners may affect the finish, so keep them away from these substances. Avoid installing tile inserts near a constant heat source or where they will be constantly wet.

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