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Make it Blue- Tile Selection for your Household

Posted by BELK Tile on Aug 10, 2015

Make it Blue- Tile Selection for your Household

Tiles are used in all modern households. Accurate tilework gives your household a nice eye-catching look. Tiles are often made of ceramic, metal, stone or glass materials. These are generally used to cover floors, roofs, patios, shower areas, kitchen walls and other surfaces. Tile is a word of French origin which is derived from ‘Tuile’ which refers to a Latin word ‘tegula’ that means a roof tile made of fire clay. Tiles are used in different forms like simple squares patterns or intricate mosaic styles.

Which tiles to choose for your household?

To answer this question, you must first think of which surface you want covered. If you are looking for roof tiles, you can go for a range of unglazed tiles, easily available in market. However, for indoor uses, impact resistant glazed tiles are best suitable. For bathrooms or kitchens more luminescent tiles should be selected. While for bedrooms and living areas, calm tones of tiles work best.

Why is Blue the best shade of tiles?

First and foremost the color Blue has a boundless variety of amazing shades. The violets, the royal blues, the sky blues, the navy blues, all are very tasteful and decent. You can never go wrong with a Blue décor in your household. It gives a royal feel to your home with its added grandeur.

Soothing effect of Blue:

Blue automatically generates a soothing sight for the onlooker. Hence, your household obtains a calm and relaxing feel.

Blue matches everything:

Blue shades are so diverse in variety that you can easily find a shade in blue that compliments your interior décor. The contrasts and matching will definitely grab your interest.

Blue relates to your mood:

As mentioned previously, there are loads of shades in the color blue. Some are dull, some are bright, some lively while others are calmer. You can reflect your mood and feeling in your household décor with a range of stylish blue tiles.

Your spouse will approve:

Blue décor is an instant favorite with everyone. Blue color has the highest liking in household décor all across the globe. So if you are planning to impress your spouse, blue is the way to go. They will definitely like it and compliment your taste.

Pair blue with tile Patterns:

If you are not afraid to experiment, take a step further.  Select blue tiles and pair it with a classic white shade or any other shade that you may fancy. You can research collage patterns and use them in your household. Blue is the best choice as it goes well with other colors too. You can also select different shades of blue and use it for collage designs.

Scientifically Recommended:

The color blue and its shades are considered as stress reducing colors. Studies show that people with blue interior in bedrooms are less stressed as compared to other colors. The most calming colors are all shades of the blue family.

If you are looking to re-do your décor or doing it the first time, we recommend you to choose  blue colored tiles. Just remember not to overdo it. Keep it sweet, simple and blue!

Mike Belk Author BELK Tile

By Mike Belk

Founder & CEO

A graduate of Ohio State University with an MBA in Business, Mike Belk has been in the tile and stone industry for over 20 years. Mike is the owner and founder of Belk Tile. He has become one of premier tile experts in the nation. Not only does Mike love every aspect of his job, he strives ensure your experience is the very best. He runs a successful blog and, when not immersed in the world of tile, is an avid golfer and wine maker. Mike enjoys interacting with customers and wants to hear from you today.