How to Clean Glass Tile Without the Extra Cost

Posted by Mike Belk on Aug 27, 2013

The easy way to clean a backsplash glass tiles:

Plush and fascinating glass tile backsplash designs can easily be the main attraction of your kitchen or shower. But without proper cleaning and maintenance, these luxurious home accents will soon fade and become nothing but ordinary backdrops for your cooking or bathing area.

 Below are effective cleaning and maintenance tips for your  glass tile backsplash minus the expensive cleaning solutions and tools.

1.      Wipe clean with soft rag everyday 

Maintenance for glass tiles is as easy as 123. Because glass is not a porous material, regularly wiping of stains with a piece of clean soft rag will do. Textured glass tiles, however, require a different kind of cleaning routine, which includes using cleaning solutions and soft brushes. Never use hard-bristled brushed and abrasive solutions because they will damage the grouts.

2.      Wash with diluted soap and bleach

The natural shine and translucency of the glass tile will fade over time. Other than wiping, cleaning the backsplash with diluted soap is needed at least once every two weeks or weekly if necessary.

To do this, mix two table spoons of soap powder or liquid soap detergent with one liter of water and have it transferred to a spray bottle. As you wipe the backsplash, spray this solution generously until the original shine comes through. It is important to only use diluted soap and never apply soap directly to your glass tiles because it may lead to the accumulation of soap scum between tiles or if textured, on the surface.

Spray the bleach afterwards but never mix it with the diluted soap solution. Many homemakers refuse to use bleach over expensive tiles in the fear of damaging the  glass tile backsplash designs. The truth is, bleach is only used to kill germs and not remove stains.

3.      Spray vinegar solution

Vinegar solution is another effective cleaning solution to bring out the natural shine of your glass tile and remove mineral deposits and soap scum that may have hardened over time.

To do this, mix 250ml white vinegar (no using of other varieties) with 250ml water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution generously over the tiles and let it stay there for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing. When you rinse, sponge or soft scrubber should be used to remove the deposits. Be careful not to scrub the grouts really hard to avoid damages. Causing damages to your grouts, no matter how small, will be an avenue for more bacteria, mould and fungi to grow.

As a final rinsing procedure, use water and bleach to kill odor-causing bacteria and eliminate the unwanted smell caused by the vinegar.

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, ammonia is a good replacement in cleaning your glass tile backsplash designs. Be warned not to use this together with bleach, though.

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