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Green Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas

Posted by Mike Belk on Jan 30, 2016

Green Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas

Glass tile is elegant, easy to clean, and is the perfect choice for homeowners who take pride in their kitchens. Green, a relaxing and revitalizing color, lends a fresh look to any room. Consider these three kitchen design ideas for a green glass tile backsplash.

  • Pair your  green glass tile backsplash with natural elements.
  • A green backsplash perfectly complements a kitchen inspired by the outdoors. Install bamboo or butcher-block countertops, frame windows with wood, and put in some wood cabinetry. Use a palette of earth tones, nudes, creams, and ambers. Cupboards can be painted white if wood cabinetry seems too dark and is weighing down the look of the kitchen. Avoid harsh, cold, dark surfaces like granite and concrete. Go for hardwood or laminate wood floors. Install a farmhouse sink. To complete the natural, woodsy look, place potted plants on the kitchen island, put a flowerbox on the windowsill, and, better yet – grow herbs in a sunny spot in the kitchen.
  • Use a pale green glass tile backsplash to add a hint of color to a minimalist kitchen.
  • When a kitchen is all white-and-chrome and concrete-and-minimalist fixtures, use a very light shade of green to add just the tiniest bit of color.  Glass tiles glam up the look of any kitchen and even more so in a simple, fuss-free, austere space. Green takes center stage in a field of white, black, or pale neutrals. For the rest of the kitchen, use white, eggshell, bone, light grays, the palest of blues, creams, and black. A minimalist kitchen looks clean and modern with wood, concrete, or metal countertops and cabinetry. Install a wood or polished concrete floor and kitchen island. Open shelving looks great in a minimalist space. Hang pendant lights over the island. Get bar stools and a magnetic strip for hanging knives. Keep cutlery, flatware, and appliances shelved or out of sight to maintain the clutter-free look.
  • Add a green glass tile backsplash to a classic country kitchen.
  • Use warm grays, browns, creams, and white in this space. Install a granite or solid wood countertop. Get brushed metal appliances. Lighted glass cabinetry adds sophistication; so with a chandelier. A big ceramic sink and a wood-burning oven can take center stage. Stone or hardwood floors will complete the look.
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By Mike Belk

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