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Posted by Mike Belk on May 14, 2019


Here are 9 kitchen backsplash ideas using different types of materials:

The kitchen is a space for collaboration and cohabitation, where friends and family gather to cook, clean and spend time together. There are several elements in this room, including appliances and cabinets, but we often forget the backsplash that stands humbly between the countertop and the top cabinets and has to deal with the dirt and wear and tear of everyday life.

This part of the kitchen should receive our attention because it faces various potentially harmful elements such as water, fat and the rest of the meal.

Although the backsplash must first and foremost be practical, this does not mean that you must select a backrest design commonplace. On the contrary, the installation of a backsplash turns into an opportunity to be creative, adding a personal touch to the kitchen. In addition, the renovation of the backsplash is a relatively affordable project to refurbish the room. If you are looking for a way to transform your kitchen without spending a fortune, here are some ideas of backsplashes:

Here are nine types of kitchen backsplashes

1) The ceramic or self-adhesive tile backsplash

This is the most traditional option for backsplashes. On the other hand, it is not without reason that so many people choose it. The tiles can adapt to all styles and tastes, making them an excellent option for those looking to add visual appeal to their kitchen.

If you like daring sets, feel free to experiment by installing textured tiles. On the contrary, if the decor is rather minimalist, go for thin ceramic tiles. Another option that comes up often is to reproduce the patterns of metro station tiles, white rectangular tiles. No matter which model you choose, you will not have trouble finding a type of tile that you like.

2) The metal backsplash

Many types of metals work well as kitchen backsplashes. One of the most common choices is stainless steel, due to the fact that this material is reflective, making the room appear larger. Stainless steel is easy to clean, making it a choice that is both effective and aesthetically appealing. Hammered pewter is another interesting option, as it will add an interesting texture to the decor.

This material is durable and easy to maintain, so if you choose it, you will not need to update it in the short term. Copper and brass are also often used for backsplashes. These metals evolve over time, due to exposure to wind and moisture that can cause color variations.

3) The painting backsplash

If you have children at home, this option will be much appreciated! Chalkboard paint is very water resistant, yet durable and easy to clean. In addition to being affordable, this type of backsplash is not boring! Your transformed surface will be used to leave notes and drawings to your friends and family, adding dynamism to the decor of the kitchen. Before painting, be sure to remove the switch plates.

Also, clean the walls with a greaseproof soap to ensure that the paint adheres well to the surface. If you like painting more than you expected, you can also use it at the bottom of open shelves or on a full wall! Once the paint is dry, it will be important to prepare the surface well before you start writing, to prevent the drawings from remaining permanently.

To do this, take a piece of chalk by the length and cover the entire wall surface. Clean with a paper towel and that's it! The wall is ready to greet your grocery lists and funny messages.

4) Mix the materials 

Who say you have to use traditional materials for your backsplash? Mix and combine found materials with those you purchased to create an original backsplash. We have already talked about the backsplashes in tiles and precisely, pushing the concept further, we can think of a backsplash made with mismatched tiles, like a mosaic. Try a combination of glossy or matte tiles to make a variation of textures, while maintaining the functional aspect. Or, mix wood tiles with metal tiles.

If you have stainless steel appliances, dare "patchwork" patterns that are colorful and daring. Otherwise, if you have a limited budget, visit used furniture store to find old tiles for blending. So you will not have to spend a fortune on your unique work.

5) The stone kitchen backsplash

Stone is a very interesting option as a backsplash material. Most stones can be cut into different shapes to create a unique pattern. Treated marble is a very popular choice. To avoid spending a fortune, install a thin sheet of marble or create a mosaic with different materials, including marble.

You can create a uniform effect by covering an enlarged section of marble or granite. Stone tiles are very strong and versatile, but they need to be well maintained.

They can be polished to a smooth finish or left matte for a more natural look. Wide ranges of finishes are available, depending on the style of decoration in your kitchen. Compared to ceramic or porcelain, the stone gives a more upscale effect. On the other hand, it is important to remember that some types of stone absorb more moisture than others, making them less attractive as a backsplash.

6) The brick kitchen backsplash

For a backsplash that will emerge from the lot and become a focal point of the room's decor, consider the brick. This traditional material adds a rustic look to an otherwise minimalist space. In addition, although it is generally recommended to choose a smooth material as a backsplash, the brick adds texture while remaining easy to wash.

It is also possible to paint the brick, in white for example, for a more nuanced version of the backsplash described previously. If you like it, paint the bricks before installing them. This allows the brick to adopt a modern and chic style instead of recalling a country house decor.

7) Affordable kitchen backsplashes

For those looking to update their backsplash without paying large amounts, there are many interesting options. Consider using everyday materials you've been collecting for a long time, such as a stack of old compact discs, or black sous.

Also, think of rocks, glass, corks or even the bottles themselves. Most materials will need to be defeated into pieces or handled in any way to be used and installed on a plywood sheet. If you have a creative side to yourself, gather your collection to make a DIY backsplash. Remember to treat the surface to avoid the risk of fire, especially near the oven.

8) Recycled or recovered materials

It is important to choose practices that respect the environment. One way to do this is to use recycled materials for your renovation projects. Update your backsplash using recycled or salvaged materials. Salvage wood is a very good material for making a backsplash.

Barn wood, barrels of wine or old houses and recycled bamboo are great options. Make sure the wood has been coated with a water-soluble finish or stain so that the material will withstand heat, moisture and mildew.

Other recycled materials to consider include recycled glass or aluminum. Recycled aluminum is a relatively new option, from which chips and other recovered pieces can be used to form tiles or solid surfaces. When working with aluminum, it is recommended to use a silicone grout during the installation process. This product can adjust to contractions due to temperature changes in the kitchen.

9) Temporary backsplashes

If you are a renter or do not want to get into big jobs, there are options for you! For example, vinyl decals are affordable and very easy to install. You can make fake tiles with these decals, creating your own design.

Do you have an old tablecloth lying around? Recreate a wallpaper by gluing the fabric to the wall with liquid starch or cover it with clear vinyl. You could also use Velcro to glue individual tiles or other materials such as small artwork on the backsplash. Again, be careful of materials that create fire hazards.

Whether it's during a kitchen renovation project, or just to revamp it, the kitchen backsplash is an essential element to consider. Being a place where you spend more of your time, it has to be functional and trendy at the same time. Here at Belk Tile, we offer complete guide to the different options available on the kitchen backsplash market. Also, several options of kitchen backsplashes for tenants that will delight building owners and options of affordable, quality backsplashes.

Before choosing a kitchen backsplash, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Will you keep the same backsplash for years?

Are you the type of person who likes to change the scene regularly?

Is your kitchen renovation budget small?

Do you do the work yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, non-permanent backsplashes may be the best option for you. If you answered no to most of the questions, you may be interested in several permanent kitchen backsplashes.

Non-permanent kitchen backsplashes (perfect for your apartment)

Here is the list of kitchen backsplashes for tenants since they can be removed easily. It will also please the owner who wants to renovate a kitchen on a small budget.

1. Painted backrest

If your backsplash does not have any coating (ceramic, tiles, etc.), painting it can be a nice option to change the kitchen. No matter what paint color you choose, match it to the rest of your walls and decor. To bring out pale cabinets, opt for a dark color and the opposite if your cabinets are dark. Remember to choose the right paint finish given the possibilities of contact with water.

If you have a black chalkboard leftover, you can also apply it to your backsplash. Leave some chalks to take notes for your recipes or your grocery lists.

2. Kitchen backsplash in wallpaper

There is wallpaper specially designed for kitchens. Thicker and stronger, it is easy to apply. Take your measurements and go in search of the most beautiful wallpapers. The combinations are endless and the result very satisfying. There are even faux wallpaper finishes in brick or wood to create an original effect.

3. Metal sticker backrest

For an industrial style, the metal backsplash is beautiful. It offers good heat resistance, is easy to install and above all easy to maintain. Offered in several different models and finishes (brushed, matte, glossy) you will surely find a pattern that you like.

4. Brick finished vinyl backsplash

This self-adhesive vinyl imitates the brick perfectly and does not damage the ceramic or the wall below. Be sure to choose a self-adhesive vinyl that is heat-resistant, especially if you need to install it behind the oven.

5. Kitchen backs in self-adhesive tiles

For a successful ceramic effect, you will not be disappointed! In addition, the tiles will remove easily enough if necessary. Also be sure to choose heat-resistant tiles if you need to put them near the oven.

Permanent kitchen backsplashes

Here are backsplashes that you must permanently fix to the wall with glue, nails or grout. They require several tools and some installation time.

6. Wooden kitchen backsplash

Whether with recycled materials or not, a wooden kitchen backsplash is and will always be one of a kind. To minimize costs, add wood to one spot that you want to enhance. If not, go with an arrangement that will complement your current or future decor if you have to renovate your kitchen.

7. White ceramic kitchen backsplash

The ceramic backsplash is unquestionably the most classic. The minimalist and white kitchen confirms it, the metro tile is everywhere. There are a multitude of different patterns and patterns for a ceramic backsplash. To change the traditional white ceramic, dare the chevrons or octagons. It is even possible to vary the color of the grout of your ceramic to create contrast or not.

8. Black ceramic kitchen backsplash

What better way to bring out your white cabinets? A contrasting color like black. Very easy to maintain, it gives an original and chic look to your kitchen and allows you to avoid many wear spots.

9. Backboard in paneling

Easy to install, the paneling provides a nice country look. You can cut slats or panels to the desired size at the time of purchase. Attention, if the paneling is placed near a source of water, it could tend to curl. The paneling does not exist only in white, dare other colors like black!

10. Marble backsplash

This is probably the most expensive kitchen backsplash, but also one of the most resistant. Although there are many ceramic imitations, choosing marble as a kitchen backsplash requires a certain budget, but its durability and timelessness are worth the investment. Very versatile, it matches both the contemporary kitchen style, country and modern. If you are completely renovating your kitchen, take advantage of it to arrange your counter!

The kitchen is a place where you enjoy spending time with your family. This space must be warm, practical and comfortable. However, it can sometimes need a bit of freshness to stay up to date. You may decide to renovate your kitchen to have more space for preparing dishes, to increase storage space, or simply to have a more ergonomic kitchen.

It is possible to revamp his kitchen without embarking on major renovations. Often, a few small changes can be enough to transform and modernize the kitchen. Adding furniture, painting, clever finds and decorating ideas.

Remember before you start

Do not forget to prepare the surface of your project. The preparation stages are sometimes more important than the transformation itself. Learn about the best cleaning practices to remove glue, varnish, or any other material that could hinder the optimal completion of your project.

All the best!

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