Beveled Castle Series

Beveled Castle Series by Bella Glass Tiles

Discover the unparalleled elegance and versatility of the Beveled Castle Series by Bella Glass Tiles. Perfect for interior designers, home renovators, and tile enthusiasts, this collection is a masterpiece of design, combining the finest elements of marble and glass to create stunning mini subway tiles that elevate any space.

Why Choose the Beveled Castle Series?

Unique Mini Subway Tiles

The Beveled Castle Series stands out with its distinct mini subway tiles. These smaller tiles offer a modern twist on the classic subway tile design, making them a perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of contemporary flair to their projects.

Exquisite Mix of Marble and Glass

Experience the best of both worlds with this series' exquisite blend of marble and glass tiles. The natural beauty of marble combined with the sleek finish of glass creates a timeless and luxurious look that enhances any room's aesthetic.

Beveled Edges for Added Depth

Some of the glass tiles in this series feature beveled edges, adding an extra dimension of depth and texture. This intricate detail not only boosts the visual appeal but also reflects light beautifully, creating a shimmering effect that brings any space to life.

Perfect for Any Project

Whether you're an interior designer seeking the perfect finishing touch, a home renovator revamping a kitchen or bathroom, or a tile enthusiast passionate about unique designs, the Beveled Castle Series offers endless possibilities. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for backsplashes, accent walls, showers, and more.

Get Inspired

Imagine transforming your space with the luxurious feel of marble, the modern edge of glass, and the intricate detail of beveled edges. The Beveled Castle Series by Bella Glass Tiles isn't just about tiles; it's about creating a masterpiece in your home.

Ready to elevate your next project? Explore the Beveled Castle Series today and get inspired by the endless design possibilities.

Brighten up your interiors with the unique charm of Bella Glass Tiles' Beveled Castle Series. Where elegance meets innovation.