Elevate Your Space with 3 x 12 Glass Subway Tiles

Transform the heart of your home or the sanctuary of your shower with our exquisite 3 x 12 glass subway tiles. These tiles bring a touch of elegance and a splash of color to any space, making them the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their surroundings with beauty and style.

**Why Choose Our 3 x 12 Glass Subway Tiles?**

- **Easy to Clean:** Say goodbye to hours of scrubbing. Our glass subway tiles require minimal effort to keep them sparkling clean, allowing you more time to enjoy your beautiful space.

- **Individual Tiles for Creative Freedom:** Each tile is an individual piece, giving you the flexibility to create designs that truly reflect your personal style.

- **Spacer-Friendly Design:** Though these tiles require spacers during installation, the end result is a seamlessly beautiful surface that looks professionally finished and precisely laid out.

**Benefits At a Glance:**

- Stunning colors and designs that elevate any room

- Ideal for shower wall applications, creating a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere

- Perfect for kitchen backsplashes, adding a pop of color and sophistication

Whether it’s a serene bathroom retreat or a kitchen that’s the heart of the home, our 3 x 12 glass subway tile offers unparalleled beauty and functionality. Elevate your shower walls or kitchen backsplash with the sophisticated charm of our tiles.

Ready to transform your space into a work of art? **Explore our collection and start your project today!**

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  • Bella Glass Tiles Aristocrat Harbor Quail ACRT-293

    Bella Glass Tiles

    Aristocrat Harbor Quail ACRT-293

    $9.25 - $87.96
    Aristocrat Harbor Elongated Hex Glass Subway Tile ACRT-293 Quail   Tile Size: 3” x 10 1/2” Coverage Per Box: 3.3 SQF Tiles Per Box: 15 Tile Thickness: 5/16”  Recommended Grout Joint: 1/16”  Sold in box...
    $9.25 - $87.96

  • Bella Glass Tiles Mystique Cedar Myst 3 x 12

    Bella Glass Tiles

    Mystique Cedar Myst 3 x 12

    Bella Glass Tiles 3 x 12 Glass Subway Tile Mystique Series MQS-361 Cedar Myst   Tile size: 3” x 12” Box coverage: 3.75 SF Tiles per box: 15 Tile Thickness: 5/16” (8mm)


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