Choosing a grout for your tile can be confusing:


Sanded Grout – Ceramic tile, Porcelain Tile, Natural Stone

Unsanded Grout – Glass Tile, Glazed Tile, Metal Tile, Glossy Tile

Urethane Grout – Can be used on any tile

Reflective Grout – Perfect for glass tile and metal tile

Epoxy Grout – Overkill for residential but perfect for commercial applications and pools


Choose your grout tile type:

Sanded Grout – Sanded grout types consist of a cement-based mortar that have small sand grains added to it. Adding the sand to the grout, provide a stronger grout that is normally used in joints larger than 1/8th inch.


Unsanded Grout - is a cement based grout normally used on smaller tile joints. It is recommended in floor and wall tiling projects with grout joints spacing between 1/16th to 1/8th inch.


Urethane Grout – is a patented, water-based, urethane grout offering the ultimate in color accuracy, stain protection and crack resistance for residential and commercial tile installations. This breakthrough formulation installs up to 50% faster than traditional grouts, and never needs to be sealed. Its perfect balance of flexibility and toughness enables it to exhibit unmatched performance and crack resistance.


Reflective Grout – combines a round glass bead aggregate with the same urethane grout technology used in Urethane Grout, resulting in a truly unique product that enlivens any glass or metal tile. Reflective actually allows light to pass through the grout itself to provide a three-dimensional, reflective, translucent feeling.

It has all the benefits of a urethane-based grout. Unlike epoxy grout, it's easy to apply and clean up; and unlike a pigment-based grout, it has no risk of incorrect mixing. Best of all, this grout never has to be sealed!


Epoxy Grout - forms an impermeable barrier to liquids and doesn’t require additional sealing of the joint. This grout type prevents the growth of bacteria and limits the amount of cracking. Epoxy grout offers water resistant properties which makes it perfect for pools.  Epoxy grout is made up of several components that need to be mixed together.  It needs to be cleaned with special cleaners as well after floating.