Oct 03, 2013

Questech Weybridge switchplates added to the line up of BELK Tile.  Questech has introduced a line of cast stone switchplates perfect for complimenting natural stone tiled backsplashes.  Although it comes in 4 colors, BELK Tile only carries the noche and travertine.  The noche color will compliment a walnut or noche natural stone backsplash.  The travertine color will compliment a light or beige travertine natural stone tile.


The basics of the Weybridge switchplates is that it comes in a toggle, duplex, rocker and combinations as well.  There are single plates that come in the toggle, duplex and rocker.  The double plates come in toggle and rocker.  Triple plates come in toggle and rocker.  A quad(or 4 gang) plate comes in the toggle.  There are two combos of a toggle/duplex and a toggle / rocker combo.


For more please visit our Switchplate page: