Central Ohio Customers Shop at Home





Like most tile retailers, BELK Tile would love to supply you with free samples, but we can’t. However, we want to make sure that the time you take to order samples is put to good use. That’s why when you purchase samples, then make a purchase of $350 or more on our website, we’ll give you a credit that’s good for up to three samples worth(total value $12.00) of reimbursement on your upcoming project.

Decisions, Decisions

You know it’s going to be a big project once you’ve finally picked out the tile that you want to get, and we want you to know that we appreciate you bringing your business back to us. That’s why our sample incentive program encourages you to purchase your sample from us, then we’ll essentially buy it back when you’ve made the decision for more tile from BELK Tile.

The Old Ones Are No Good to Anyone Else

When you purchase sample tile, we’re essentially removing one or two pieces from our inventory. Once we’ve pulled them out, we can’t sell them to anyone else, and we know that you wouldn’t want to be hassled with sending them back anyway. Even though you may not be using the samples that you’ve purchased, we don’t want you to feel like they have to go to waste. BELK Tile would love to reimburse you for two samples on your next purchase, especially since those tiles are no good to any of our other customers.


We know that there are plenty of local places that you can go for tile. What you may not realize is that no one is going to have the online selection that we do. Big name stores like to move product that has a lot of margin, while we’re just trying to make sure that you appreciate your work. Our sampling incentive not only encourages you to do business with the guys that know tile, but is a great reason to come back and look for more great deals on tile, while browsing an endless selection of other tiles to go along with your chosen sample. 


We hope that you will take advantage of our new sample incentive program. We recognize that samples play an important part in determining a good fit for you and want to encourage our customers to order samples. Upon receiving your samples, if you choose to place a new order from our website we will credit you back for up to 3 samples(total value of $12.00)* if your new order is $350.00 or more(not including shipping). 
Please email us at info@belktile.com when you are about to place your new order and we will forward a coupon code to apply the credit to your order total. (1 offer per customer sample order) 
We appreciate the opportunity to do business with you. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.