The fireplace is typically the focal area of a room. It provides warmth and good lighting during cold nights. This is where many families gather together or receive their guests to feel at home and comfortable. This is also the central area in the house where stories are shared over hot tea or cocoa. Old fireplaces have outmoded designs. Since they have been used for a long time, they also show deterioration with evident tarnishes or damage. Renovating the fireplace can be accomplished by simple replacement of fireplace floor tiles. With these items and their new designs old and damaged fireplaces can be refurbished to go with the home’s new interiors.

Setting up

Prior to tile installation, the fireplace has to be totally cleaned. Get rid of leftover ashes or fragments from the hearth. Warm water with some soap to wipe the hearth clean and the entire area may be used before laying the glass fireplace tiles. As soon as everything is taken care of, completely dry the facade before installing the tiles.

Supplies using Recycled Glass Tiles

Select fireplace glass tiles that compliment the décor of the home. Types include tiles made of ceramic, marble, granite, or composite materials to play with texture outcomes of the tiles. Marble is a permeable natural stone tile which requires sealing before installation. If this process is overlooked, mortar used for bonding will only discolor the tiles. Cloth is used to apply the sealer over and on the sides of the marble tiles.

Thin and regular mortar or adhesive for tiles cannot resist heat. Increased temperatures can affect their adhering capacity that may cause for tiles to loosen up and detach. There are certain types that are really made to withstand heat.

Select dark colored grout to go with the fireplace tiles. The light colored grout may look nice and clean but eventually may get soiled. It is not easy to clean when it becomes dirty. It kind of stained after a while. Hence, dark colored grout is more advisable to use for tiles in the fireplace.


Recycled Glass Tile ideas with a modern fireplace


Create a modern fireplace with recycled glass tiles

Prior to laying the tile on the hearth, put on a single layer of heat resistant mortar or adhesive on the heath first. Bear down on the tiles laid on the mortar making sure there are appropriately measured space lines for the grout later on. Leave the tiles on adhesive or mortar to dry after covering the hearth. This makes tiling other areas easier. Allow the new surrounding tiles to set as well.

Below the top edge of the fireplace, place a support or appropriately measured board. It should fit correctly adjacent to the lower edge of the tiles. This board is used to support the tiles so they will not slide down while they are setting. Apply grout after leaving this setup overnight.

The spacers between tiles have to be taken out before applying the grout. After mixing the grout apply it on the fireplace tiles. When all the gaps on the fireplace have been packed with grout, this time spread over the tiles on the hearth.