Project of the Month Winner September 2016

BELK Tile is one of the most trusted names when it comes to tile supplies and designs is very proud to present to you the selected project announced by the company itself as the winner in their project of the month section. For this month of September, BELK Tile featured a unique project for a wet bar wherein a sophisticated type of tile is used to design the wall.

This project introduced by BELK Tile can be viewed through this link: This project shows a uniquely designed kwet bar space focused on the faucet section wherein the wall has been designed with a special kind and style of tiles. The project is an excellent one as the style is not just a simple one. The wall is not just designed with tiles in which windmill gun metal mosaic design has been used. The tile used in this project is quite glossy and smooth in texture and it complements with the paint of the walls.

The design draws attention to that side of the area where you can see 3 layers of shelves that are incredibly designed as well. Each shelf is forming a zigzag instead of just plain, horizontal structure. These shelves are mainly for wine storage. The uppermost shelf is ideal for placing 2 bottles of wine, while the one in the middle is good for storing up to 3 bottles and the last one is for up to 4 bottles.

As you can see, this project obtained that perfect look that satisfied the owner of the property. This can be used as an inspiration to come up with your own design. It simply shows how beautiful the result would be if a good piece of tile such as the windmill gun metal mosaic design is used. No wonder that it is the winner project for this month.