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Top Reasons Behind Arabesque Tiles' Popularity

Posted by BELK Tile on Feb 29, 2016

Top Reasons Behind Arabesque Tiles' Popularity

Interior designing materials now come in a variety of options. These materials include tiles with arabesque tiles receiving attention from many property owners. Several reasons highlight its popularity among homeowners.

Unconventional Tile Shapes

Tiles usually come in square or rectangular shapes, which are considered too conventional by many property owners.  Arabesque tiles come in unique shapes that are not often seen inside the house. The shapes are often seen on concrete pavements as actual flooring or accents. The availability of arabesque tile option allows property owners to play with uniquely-shaped tiles in designing their houses' interiors.

Get Unique Patterns for Your Home

Since arabesque tiles come in unique shapes, installing them together produce unique mosaic patterns on walls and floors. Rather than having regular lines, they seem to exude wave-like patterns on surfaces. This unique pattern gives a refreshing appeal inside houses rather than seeing straight lines produced by rectangular tiles.

Various Surface Choices

Arabesque tiles are no different from conventional tiles in terms of surface treatment. They are available in glazed and matte surfaces that fit unique home designs. Glazed surfaces produce polished surfaces that many people usually place on walls and backsplashes. Matte surfaces promote simple appeal on surfaces and often placed in bathrooms.

Today, a lot of sellers start to sell glossy tiles as additional option. Many buyers also select glossy tiles as they exude glass-like effect in homes.

Different Colors to Choose From

Although the majority of arabesque tiles are available in plain white color, a lot of sellers began experimenting with finish types and colors to produce unique effects. For instance, vibrant colors like ruby or sapphire can be combined with glossy finishing to produce a glass-like quality on ceramic tiles.

Buyers can also get several tile colors to attain their needed patterns. Sellers offer tiles in different packages that will make their dream arabesque patters a reality.

Available in a Variety of Packages

Sellers usually offer tiles in per weight or per square foot of coverage. Buyers can get several tiles within a square foot of coverage, allowing them to experiment with their designs.

Getting per tile piece may be slightly challenging as sellers don't usually offer this package. However, some sellers know that some buyers only need a few tile pieces and may offer this option. It's better to ask sellers if this option is available or negotiable to get the most value for your money.

Arabesque tiles are indeed the most refreshing tiling solution for your home. They can be placed as files for heavy traffic areas at home or as walling option. Look for the best sellers offering good packages that offer great savings. Also, get these tiles from recommended sellers to ensure quality that will improve your house's appeal.

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