Posted by Mike Belk on Feb 23, 2014

There is no doubt that ordinary light switch covers can be boring, plain and lifeless. You can actually beautify them so as to give more color and life to your room. In your spare time, try to decorate them with the use of wallpaper, enamel, stickers and paint so that they will be noticeable and shall complement the room.

In decorating your light switch covers with wallpaper, cut the latter for it to fit the said cover. If you are on a budget, look for left-over wallpapers in your house or ask some from your family, friends or neighbors. If you have money, buy a new one that shall complement the décor of your wall. Lay it down leaving the blank side exposed. Place the switch cover on it, facing down. Cut your wallpaper and leave enough room for the purpose of wrapping the paper round the switch cover’s edges. Attach the paper to your cover and then get adhesive spray to be sprayed on the cover’s face. Place the wallpaper on the cover of your light switch and then place some adhesive to the ends of its back for the paper to be secure. After the adhesive has dried, cut holes with an X-Acto knife on the wallpaper intended for the switch and screws.

If you wish to decorate your  light switch cover with stickers or paint, you first have to take it off from your wall. Remove the screw and set them aside. Paint the covers with regular or spray paint and in a single color or multiple shades. Make sure the paint you use shall complement your room. For the screw holes not to be filled with paint, place toothpicks into them. Having paint on these holes will make it hard for you to install the cover again. Allow drying of the paint and then place stickers you like on the cover.

If you will paint with clear enamel spray, apply only a thin coat of it on your light switch cover and then cover the whole area. The enamel shall keep your paint and your stickers without altering your color or design. Let the enamel fully dry, install your cover and place it back to your wall.

When you have decorated your light switch cover , you will see that it adds color to your room. A plain-colored wall shall look lively with the color and stickers on your cover. Follow these tips to give more life to your wall.

Author : Mike Belk

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