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16 Nov
Cement tile is probably the star of all tiles. It is trendy, and we can use it both on the walls and floor for unique design patterns. In this article, we will share a comprehensive guide to cem … read more of this blog post
05 Oct
The arrangement of the tiles in our living spaces has a decisive influence on the feeling of space. Different laying patterns can set unique accents and make a bathroom appear smaller, larger, w … read more of this blog post
09 Sep
When building a new house or renovating, you might wonder what material to use for flooring? There are a lot of options, and one of the most popular will be ceramic or porcelain tiles. These … read more of this blog post
11 Jul
Is it Time to Upgrade Your Bathroom Tiles After Covid-19? You’ve been home quarantined for more than eight weeks and you have literally memorized every nook and cranny of your house. With Covid-1 … read more of this blog post
05 Jun
Things You Should Know About Glass Tile BacksplashesIf you prefer to arrange these tiles in grid, then it's important that you attach these tiles with the assistance of fiberglass. Glass tile is a … read more of this blog post
13 Feb
BELK Tile of Central Ohio BELK Tile Awarded Best Of Houzz 2020 The Annual People’s Choice Award from the Houzz Community Highlights Home Remodeling and Design  Professionals with … read more of this blog post
03 Feb
Create an Oasis with backsplash glass tiles for master bathroom! Whether your bathroom has a quaint or rustic motif or looks modern and sleek, your use of glass tile backsplashes will enhance its … read more of this blog post
06 Jan
Almost everyone, at some point, has wished to have his own space. Aside from getting your privacy, having your own space also means getting the freedom to decorate your room however you want it to … read more of this blog post