BELK Tile Offering a Scholarship

to Aspiring Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers

Belk Tiles is now offering a scholarship to architects, engineers and interior designers who have a will to do something innovative and creative

Belk Tile is a small company that believes in delivering quality and stylish products to its customers. Our goal is to not only provide the best quality products to our customers but also take them to another level by bringing innovative designs that our customers have never seen before.

The company has made innovative changes in the world of ceramic and glass. The house construction and renovation business is always in play with homeowners, office managers and business owner wanting their building looking the best. On the past few years, the trends in house construction and renovation have changed. The wooden assemblies and attachments are slowly going out of fashion to be replaced by ceramic and glass. The reason for these changes are;

  • Ceramic and glass are cleaner and safer
  • They have less chance of corrosion or damage
  • They are available in a variety of colours and designs
  • Ceramic and glass have a low-carbon footprint
  • Ceramic and glass are environmental friendly and recyclable

With durability and strength imparted to glass and ceramic products, the damage of breaking has been reduced by over 50%. The maintenance for glass and ceramic tiles and blocks are also cheaper and more convenient. That is why Belk Tile have invested in propagating innovation in glass and ceramic tile.

For Belk Tile, it is all about providing the need of our customers and giving them a range of choices which will suit their tastes and their budget at the same time. We believe in providing our customers with the following facilities;

Option – It happens more than often that the customer is forced to accept the tiles that their builder is offering them. That’s because that builder has a contract with the tile company and you have to choose from a selected variety of tiles that make your house look like at least 50 other house in the area. Your own individuality and creativity is dragged under due to lack of options. We at Belk Tile believe that every person’s home is an expression of their personality and that is why we offer multiple options to our customers around the country. We want to widen your horizon and give you a range of options from which you can choose as many tiles as you want to make your house according to your taste.

Materials – We promise quality and style. For us, this is the winning combination. We take special care that our products are of the best quality and for that we use the best quality material. We use the best quality of glass and ceramic mixes to mould our tiles, attachments. The quality of our products depend on the material that we use in our products. They are synthetic, pure and durable. We will offer nothing less.

Category – There are multiple categories of products to choose from. We are not just offering tiles for your home. We understand that your home is so much more than just a floor or a wall. A whole house should look like a cohesive picture with each and every thing just complimenting each other. We offer;

Ceramic – we offer a variety of designs and colours for ceramic tile mosaic and ceramic stone mosaic products that you can use for your floors and pavements.

Glass – We offer a wide variety of glass products for your home including tiles, glass mosaics and glass subways. We take it up a notch with a variety of glass products in each category.

Metal and Grout – Belk Tile also offers products in the metal and grout categories such as attachments and mosaics that will compliment your glass and ceramic interiors.

Price – While we offer you the most innovative quality products for your house, we also make sure that they are available at convenient price to all customers so no one should feel deprived of the best quality products in the market. We make sure that out products are conventionally priced and easily available to everyone.

The Next Step

Belk Tile has won the Best of Columbus Award for SIX consecutive years and with this distinctive award win in 2017, BELK Tile became eligible for the Columbus Business Hall of Fame. As the company takes a step forward in the direction of becoming one of the top-notch companies in the country, we also want to make a difference in the industry by shaping young minds and innovators. Thus Belk Tile is now introducing a scholarship program for all students that are related to this industry. Namely, interior designers, architect and engineers.

You may ask why these three professions? Well each of these professions is associated with all the things that this company believes in. Making you the best home. That’s right. Interior designers make sure that your interior of the house looks amazing and reflects your tastes as a person. Architects are the innovators and incorporator of quality and style in the house building and engineers have always played a role in making quality products.

So we believe that all the students that want to enter these fields should be given a shot at making their future in these professions and do some innovative work in the field so we will be able to introduce some of the best professionals in the field.

Belk Tile Scholarship

Belk Tile is now offering a $500 scholarship to a student who is interested in making a career as an interior designer, architect or engineer. We will offer a stepping stone to help you start your education.

How to Apply?

            Now we come to the next step of the process. You are wondering how to apply for the Belk Tile scholarship? It’s easy and if you are determined about your ambitions and your choice of profession, all you have to do is send us your preliminary information and an essay about why you want to become an interior designer or an architect or an engineer. It should be at least a 500 word essay that expresses why you want to become one of these professionals and if you have manage to impress us, you have a shot at getting our scholarship.

So apply now and tell us why you want to become an interior designer or an architect or an engineer. Copy and paste your essay into the details section of the form: