Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass Tile for kitchen backsplash


As specialists in glass subway tiles, mosaic glass tiles and subway tile designs we can help you to decorate any underpass. Our custom made tiles help create subway art and help to restore tunnels, metro stations and tube stations. 

What are the features of our glass tiles?

With hundreds of custom designed titles, each type of tile has various features from the small glass mosaic tiles (perfect for creating art projects) to the functional standard  glass tiles which can be used to fully cover a full subway wall.

We shall explore the features of three of our subway tile designs.

The first we shall look at is the the small glass mosaic tile.

Mosaic Glass Tiles

These small titles are perfect for creating fabulous subway art, combining various colours and shapes to create pictures and motifs. The Marina Cane series of glass tiles, create high contrast images which brighten up even the most glum commuter.

The tiles can easily be grouted and fixed to the metro station wall, with the minimum amount of fuss, and within hours be brightening up the even the dullest of subways..

The second subway design tile is the 2 x 4 subway tile.

Discount Glass Tiles

These 8mm thick, high quality crystal titles, create a modern finish to subways. With colour baked into the rear of the tile, the colour is ultra long lasting. These subway tiles, are often used by our customers to create features on specific parts of a metro station wall or entrance.

Our popular light green bamboo mosaic tiles can be seen in subways from New York to London, from Paris to Moscow. For creating beautiful mosaics, these tiles are second to none!

The third and final tile for subways, is the ever popular 3 x 6 subway tile.

3x6 Subway Tiles

With a huge selection of colours to choose from, these subway design tiles provide long lasting durability, and enhance the feel  and look of any underpass or station.

Many customers combine these, to create feature walls or sections of vibrant colour. With colours ranging from simple, yet classy, glossy white to fruit punch (bright red) or black there is bound to be a design that will fill your requirements.

Many of these glass tiles are attached to the subway wall using a strong wire meshing, which is designed to provide strength and a secure fixing. So you know that our glass subway tiles, will brighten up even the most drab tube station and will last a long, long time.