Metals, both functional and decorative, have been utilized for generations. Medieval blacksmiths forged bronze and iron to adorn the gemstones of ancient castles. These accents were not merely functional, but elegant. With a wide selection of timeless designs, bronze tiles can offer any architectural look you wish.

Metallic tiles add a luxurious look, and can be found in a wide range of textures and styles. Bronze metal tiles, whether smooth and reflective or weathered looking can offer a classy alternative to the conventional look of tile. Found in shades of gold, silver, bronze, and pewter, metallic tiles and finishes can create an opulent look which can be used in mosaics, on backsplashes, on the walls and even in bathrooms.

Some quick tips on design ideas one can consider when thinking about employing metal tiles in a home renovation project include:

Using metal Tile as an accent piece with natural stone

Metal tile is a great choice as an accent piece when designing a natural stone travertine floor. Metal tile will work as well on a tumbled stone backsplash when applied as an accent piece combined with any design. In a simple term, simply clip the corners of the natural stone material and introduce a bronze metal tile to offer any floor, backsplash, or bath vanity area that unique feature that places your home above and beyond others.

Using metal tile as an accent piece with ceramic tile

Not certain how to include some pizzazz to a ceramic tile installation? Check out a pewter metal tile with lighter shades of ceramic tile and a bronze metal tile with darker shaded tiles. There exists a host of design alternatives one may choose from and as a result of the flexibility of the metal tile collection with the various size choices and nearly limitless design possibilities, almost all design ideas can be accomplished.

Using metal tile as an accent piece with Glass tile

Some time ago, you would have been hard-pressed to get glass tiles anywhere - if perhaps you were even aware of their availability. Today, however, glass tiles have shot from darkness throughout the metro area, emerging in shower surrounds, kitchen backsplashes, powder room counters, fireplace surrounds, pool borders, etc. in a rainbow of shining, translucent colors.

When designing a trendy and contemporary kitchen, it is nice to put one’s “personal touch” within the design and including metal tile accents presents an exclusive element chosen specially by the homeowner. If perhaps, one is putting up granite counters and stainless steel home appliances which is a popular theme nowadays, one can consider a glass tile backsplash with a couple of bronze tile dots blended in and spaced randomly apart. The bronze metal tile would blend in perfectly in a modern kitchen and more importantly would complement quite nicely the stainless steel appliances, a stainless steel sink and faucet fixture if utilized.

If you haven’t by now, do give some thought to adding metal tile accents to part of the tile design you might likely be considering for your home. Bronze metal tile will go well with almost all types of designs including modern and contemporary, conventional, country, or a rustic theme.