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Having a house is everyone’s dream. At least we all would love to be in a warm cozy house full of beautiful and gorgeous colors that appeal not only to us but to our friends as well. The process of putting up that house is not only hectic but expensive as well. This is because of the amount spent on building materials, not forgetting labor charge. In fact, just having to build that house to become a safe haven for the family or residents that may be willing to rent it is a herculean task. Yet the finishing of the structure becomes the determining factor when the beauty of a house is considered.

Long before so many things stole headlines, people chose the color they wished to be added to cement to give the floor or wall a finish with a color of choice. But as things move progressively, many prefer to have tiles on floors and even walls not forgetting backsplashes. Choosing the colors for tiles can be a hectic process. When you take a look at the several designs on display when you want to purchase floor as well as wall tiles, making a decision on the right color can just be a very difficult fact. But it does not need to be anymore. Here are a few guidelines on how to pick just the perfect color as well as texture for that house that took lots of your cash.

SHOP BY TILE COLOR - Glass Subway tile colors:

1- The size of the room should be the first consideration- Light colors e.g. cream and white make small rooms appear larger. They are best used in small rooms. Darker hues usually give a room that squeezing feeling and are therefore appropriate for large hallways and kitchen. The lighter colors are better with the rest room and guest rooms.

2- The type of tile- There are varying types of tiles. They all depend on the material used for making them, size and quality. Their prices too, vary. Ceramic tiles are better with kitchen and bathrooms while plastic tiles are preferred for rooms that are visited less often like the guest rooms. Dense porcelain tiles work better with floors on other parts of the house.

3- Getting a combination from a color wheel- Sharp contrasting colors are better with entertainment rooms such as sitting rooms as they create an energy kind of feeling. For rooms with less activity i.e. rest rooms, colors that border each other on the color wheel will easily do the trick. This is because they create harmony.

4- Texture for varying surfaces- Each surface, be it rough or smooth, deserves a color that will blend with its texture. Rough floors or walls are better off with dull colors as opposed to smooth surfaces that need bright colors. Floors that are used regularly should be colored brown or beige, same to the backsplash. Kitchen needs multi-colors as top surfaces are better with cream and walls with white. Floor could do well with brown as it is bound to take much dirt. Tiles make a house beautiful, but just when they are properly matched to blend with surrounding environment.