Natural Stone

Why You Should Get Natural Stone Tiles for Your Home

Natural stone tile refers to granite, slate, marble, limestone or sandstone tile. These tiles come directly from nature, hence the name. It is becoming popular as it renders any house a one-of-a-kind and exclusive look. It is also a good conversation starter especially when homeowners host events and parties.

However, it costs more and requires thorough planning. But the investment is worth it because in the long run, it provides homeowners with more value for money because of these following reasons:

  • It is durable. Stone, by nature, gets better with time, making it capable to withstand wear and tear over a long time period. It is also water and heat resistant, making it great for kitchens. Homeowners do not have to freak out when they have spilled a hot liquid or dropped a sizzling pan over it.
  • It is easy to maintain. Durable materials are more likely easy to maintain too.  A broom, wet mop and gentle cleanser are what the homeowners only need to keep it clean and fresh.

Plus point? Signs of wear and tear like scratches are less obvious compared to cement and porcelain tiles. However, most natural stone tiles are porous so yearly application of a non-slip sealant is a must to make it last a lifetime.

  • It is versatile. Before, it was only used for indoor flooring. But now, it can also be installed on the kitchen countertops and flooring, bathroom walls and floors, and outdoor steps, patio and pools. It is also available in wide range of color, shape and size.
  • It is safe. It comes from nature so it has no or less toxins and chemicals. Also, its surface is textured, making it non-slippery. This gives homeowners a peace of mind when liquid was spilled over. There is less chance of accidents. This makes bathrooms, outdoor steps and pools, not only interesting but also safer.
  • It increases the value of property. Because it is durable, natural stone tile gives the buyers and agents the impression that the house is made of high-quality materials. It also makes the house unique as no two pieces are exactly alike.
  • It is unique. Each piece’s look and character is what makes natural stone tiles wonderful for every home. A piece’s pattern, texture, color and even dimension are different from the rest. This variation is what gives a house its exclusive look and feel.

And with the design of each piece rendered by nature, the details it carries are complex, interesting and unique. This gives the house a cozy yet classy and timeless appeal. It becomes more interesting when those pieces are put together, creating a new and different design, pattern and artistry.

What’s more? Most pieces are three-dimensional. So when put together, it creates various visual effects when light hits them.

  • It is eco-friendly. The production of natural stone tile only requires little power, thus reducing carbon footprint. It also reduces landfill waste as everything is used in the process, nothing is wasted.

So there you have it, the ways natural stone tiles do great not only in your home and pockets, but also in the environment.

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